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conversion of a foreign vaccination certificate website question

I'm filling out the website and I'm thrown off by the final request.
It says "Fait a" "Completed at" and then in the completed file it says "Fait a" "Made in"
I have no idea what it want's me to fill in, I'm sure it's a simple answer but I really need help understanding this.
Can anyone help, is it a date? my name? both?

Thank you.

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It's asking.....where are you? Tell them where you are when you are filling in the form.

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The verb faire, just as do many words, has more than one specific definition. When signing documents, including writing checks, fait à requires a location such as fait à Paris. This means the signing was done in Paris.

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It means where you physically are when you sign/submit the form.
For example, if you are at home in say Houston, you would complete it like this

Fait a Houston, Texas, United States.