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Connecting through CDG on two separate tickets (Italy to Iceland)

Hey all, I'm thinking of purchasing two separate flights to get from Catania, Sicily (Italy) to Reykjavik, Iceland.

The flight from Catania would arrive in CDG at 12:45PM via EasyJet, and depart at 5PM via Iceland Air.

I'm wondering if around 4 hours is enough time to transfer between these two flights, given they are 2 separate tickets. I have a US passport, FYI. Thanks for your help!

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That's enough time and the way to buy a separate ticket: you have given yourself at least 3 hours.
And you just need to make yourself aware of your options in case the Catania to Paris leg is canceled.

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Other than if there is a random security check of some kind, you will not have to go through passport control for this trip and four hours should be enough time. As noted above, just be aware that delays could happen. In my experience, short hop flights have been delayed more often than long-haul flights.

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Oh interesting, I thought I would need to go through immigration / customs in Paris since the flight is coming from Italy?

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Italy, France, and Iceland are all part of Schengen. Therefore no need for Passport Control when travelling between them.