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Concert tickets for Le Sainte Chapelle

We would like to attend a concert at Le Sainte Chapelle at the end of March. Do I need to buy the tickets ahead of time or can I get them there on or near the date of the concert? And, if I can get them then, where would I go to purchase them?

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Just google it - I think it comes up as "classic" We used them - booked the tickets and then just had to pick them up the day of the show. I think you could probably just get them the day of the concert, but we booked ahead. They add chairs for more people. Sometimes they have two concerts in one day, so you might see if you can figure out approximate time for sunset and book accordingly. It was a magical evening for us.

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The tickets are actually sold in the café across the street. They have a special booth at the cashiers station. Programs are usually popular baroque items such as "The Four Seasons" or Bach violin concertos. There is tiered pricing, top price for first 2 or 3 rows, mid price for next 10 rows, low price for back of the house. You enter through the Palace of Justice, through security, and then directly into the upper chapel. Enter early and you will have some time to view the stained glass windows before the concert. They usually are not sell outs, but buying a day or 2 in advance will ensure you get the seating you desire. Very good musicianship.

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I purchased on line June 2012, printed them out at home. The program shows: www.euromusicproductions.f. There is an elevator, but you will need to ask for it, otherwise a long flight of stairs. The venue is amazing, if you are there for an early evening concert, the windows will be magnificent. Not a bad seat in the house.

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Thank you. I will probably order at home, but it's nice to know that I should be able get them in Paris a day or two ahead of time if I prefer.

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I don't know when Sam went but when I was there in August, 2013, they do not let you enter early to see the chapel. You would have to pay the separate entrance fee for the lower chapel. Then exit, and line up again outside for the concert and go through security again.
Buy the less expensive tickets. There is no need to pay more just to sit up front. The acoustics is fine. You will have plenty of time before the concert to walk around and take photos.