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Colmar tours/Buses

I am going to be in Colmar in a couple of weeks and had planning on booking a half or full day tour as recommended in the Rick Steves 2021 guidebook to see the towns and taste the wines in the surrounding region. Unfortunately I just learned that 2 of 3 companies appear to not be in business and the 3rd has ceased all public tours from Colmar until April. I have emailed them to see if maybe it is a web mistake, but in the meantime i am wondering if anyone used any non-private tours in the region from Colmar aside from Ophorus? Alternatively has anyone successfully used the buses during the week to get between villages? (i heard there may be better weekend options, but i will not be there on Saturday/Sunday). I looked at the schedules online and they appear straightforward but in the reading i have done it seems it might not be clearly marked where to get it and maybe the schedule is not as precise as it seems online? any advice would be appreciated.

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Renting a car to visit the very charming wine villages is a good option for you as you can spend as much time as you want in any one of them.
Better yet, stay in one of the wine villages.

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Thanks Suki. We do not drive, which is why I was asking about public tours or bus options.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I’ve taken buses in the area to go to from Selestat to Sainte Marie Aux Mines for a quilt event. It’s similar to the buses from Colmar in that they are for locals and don’t run frequently but it worked fine! The buses I took had a digital sign showing which stop was next which made it super easy although I did also use my phone and follow along on google maps. I do drive but roundabouts freak me out which is why I bus or train in Europe! Good luck with your trip planning and I think the bus will be fine as long as you are able to find an up to day schedule!

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Riquewihr, Ribeauville, Kaysersberg and Eguisheim have the most visitors, probably in that order. Bergheim is a special little place for me. Tours aren't required. There are wine tasting establishments in the villages and some wineries are open to the public, such as this one (a quick walk south of the Riquewihr walls):

Many more, if you search.

68R013 to Kaysersberg

68R016 to Riquewihr and Ribeauville

68R017 to Ribeauville and Bergheim

68R030 to Eguisheim

Enter your details for bus times:

All buses start at the train station , though there are other stops in Colmar itself. Depending on the weather and terrain conditions, and if you can manage shortish inclines, there is a quiet trail between Riquewihr and Ribeauville: about half way there is a slight detour to Hunawihr, which has a smashing restaurant (Chez Suzel). Ribeauville has 3 castle ruins up a hill, if you are interested.

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Thank you all. I have been able to download all the schedules for the buses. Both the public and the one Christmas one that runs on weekdays. I’ve added that winery to my short list and look forward to seeing whichever town we land in. I appreciate you all and hope I can pay the good tips forward someday