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Collecting French train tickets with a different credit card

Trying to find a good answer on this from the SNCF website is impossible, so hopefully someone can help?

After I pre-booked a few train tickets around France for September, my credit card had a fraud alert. My company sent me a new card (same account, same company, but a different card number obviously). The problem being that some of my (non-refundable) train tickets didn't offer an E-ticket option, so I had to select "pick up at automated ticket machine." The tickets clearly say that you must use the same card to pick them up at the machines. So now what do I do? I've tried to email SNCF to ask, but no response. I don't see a US phone number to call, but I would be happy to do that if anyone has that number. Has anyone had a problem just taking the old card and new card to the ticket booth with the confirmation email?

Thanks for your help!

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I would take both the cancelled card and the new card. If necessary, see a station agent with both cards and your explanation.

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We recently had the exact same problem, but didn't realize it until we were in France. We ended up going to a SNCF office (boutique) and working with them in person. SNCF ended up reissuing the tickets, but it was a long process. Our big problem was that we didn't have our old credit card with us (we had destroyed it at home) and didn't even know our old account number. We tried calling our credit card company, but they were no help. Hopefully, if you bring your old card with you it will be easier. Good luck!

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Yes, bring both cards. They won't be charging the old card again and shouldn't know or care whether it's an active card. There is no US number to call.

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Use the old card. The ticket machine does not take money off your card, it merely uses the number as an ID check.
If you have any problems, take both old and new cards, and your printout, to the manned ticket booth.

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A few years ago I had a similar situation but it had to do with picking up EuroStar tickets ordered on-line at St Pancras station. The credit card used to put through the order in the meantime had been cancelled by B of A and a new credit card was issued to me. True, it says to bring the very card used in purchasing the tickets on-line. So I did, even though it was now a worthless, cancelled card along the new replacement credit card. At the counter I explained the situation , gave the clerk my passport, the cancelled card and the new replacement card. No problems, soon afterwards the clerk handed me my EuroStar ticket, which I had come to pick up. Your situation sounds similar. Take those three things you listed as well as your passport. The SNCF clerk will want to see that too.

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We went through this with friends several years ago. Bring the card you made the reservation with. It doesn't matter whether it still works or not. You have the steps correct- take the old card, new card and reservation info to a ticket agent and they will take care of it. In our situation they honored the price of the original reservation, but our friends had to buy new tickets because they didn't have the original card. The agent said that a refund would be sent for the unused tickets and it was- almost exactly to the 3 month projected date.

Have fun on your trip.

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Thank you all so much! I will plan on taking both cards and my confirmation emails, just in case the automated machine doesn't accept the old card. I really appreciate all of the help!