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Clearing customes and arranging car service from paris airport

I'm the last of my group of 4 to arrive in Paris via a direct flight from Montreal.
Where will I clear customs? Montreal or Paris?

If in Paris, how long will it take?
We are going to arrange a car to take us from the airport to the hotel and want to know how much time to allow.
thank you

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You'll go through Immigration at Paris airport and get your passport stamped. Then you will get your luggage and walk through the "Nothing to declare" door. That's customs.

What airlines are all the people taking? That is important. Air Canada is Terminal 2A, but Air Transat lands at Terminal 3.

A taxi is flat rate for up to 4 people into Paris, 50 EUR for the Right Bank and 55 EUR for the Left Bank. Just wait until you're all together, then get in the official taxi line.

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Forget the car service. Taxi service is liberally available. It takes time to get thru CDG, up to 2 hours depending... Why not arrange a meeting place in a restaurant or coffee shop and go from there. Be sure to get in the official taxi line up and don't go with the shills who approach you or your party in the airport. Just follow "taxi" signs. Right bank taxi ride for 50 Eu, and left bank taxi ride 55 Eu. Have a written hotel address to show the taxi driver and you will be charged the proper amount. Tip a little if you feel like it.

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Immigration and baggage claim can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. There is no way to tell in advance.

There are two reasons why you do not want to arrange for a car leaving CDG:

  1. It will cost a great deal more. As stated price is 50€/55€. Taxi drivers are not tipped.
  2. Taxi pickup points are close to the terminal. Other services require your walking.
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Here is the official map for Charles de Gaulle; you can blow it up to see better.

My suggestion is to choose a hotel connected to either Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. The automated shuttle train connects them. Terminal 2 is obviously bigger and more complicated, but each shows hotels. The tactic is to sit in the lobby or coffee shop, taking coffee or whatever while waiting for the others.
Another thought, not charitable. Whoever is on Air Transat can spend the money saved on his or their own taxi. It's easier to gather at the hotel.

I'll add to the previous warning to give the cold shoulder to taxi touts in the lobbies. Use only the official queue and emphasize that the meter should not run; it's flat rate. Tip if you want and if the driver helps with the baggage.
(Meanwhile, you can ponder how Terminals 1, 2 and 3 put number 3 in the centre of the shuttle line. 3-1-2. Hmmm.)