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Clarification on France entry Covid test requirement and have you heard/seen...

We're getting very excited to board the plane (hopefully) next Saturday enroute to France for our 18 day trip, split between Paris and London!

Hoping someone that has recently entered France can clarify the negative test requirement (we are ALL fully vaxed to clarify) that says either an RT-PCR or antigen test is good. Will the antigen test REALLY be good and are there differences with antigen tests? If we go to a reputable medic site/pharmacy and do rapid antigen tests, we should be good, right? Hope so, because $65 per rapid antigen beats the heck out of $200+ RT-PCR rapid tests!

And as for the did you know part...looks like travel between UK-France without compelling reasons resumes tomorrow...thank goodness! So as noted in my previous topic...looks like we don't have to find a work-around any longer and can just take the Eurostar out of Paris as we had hoped to do all along!

All the best to everyone and thanks for any replies with guidance/information regarding the testing!

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