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Christmas Markets in Paris and towns towards Normandy

We will be taking a River cruise departing November 30th and are looking forwards to visiting some Christmas Markets. Where would they be located in Paris and also are there Christmas markets along the Paris to Normandy tour?

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We don't know of any town between Paris and Normandy that would have Christmas Markets since these are generally a Germanic thing. Many eastern French towns have them since they have German influences. You might try checking with the tourist information offices of the towns you are interested in or the French Government Tourist Office for suggestions. Below are some towns that do have markets you might consider:

Outside of Paris one should consider a visit to Nancy or Metz. Both towns have Christmas markets. The towns are only 45 minutes away by car. One can rail also. Also, if you are there on Dec. 6th both towns celebrate St. Nicolas. Nancy celebrates on the weekend closest to the date with an annual procession wending its way through the streets of the city. The parade ends with an enormous pyrotechnic show over the Place Stanislas. One can find Christmas stalls on the Rue Notre Dame and the Rue Saint Thiebault.

Other French Christmas Markets in smaller towns.

Plombieres-Les-Bains: Hosts a Christmas market from the end of Nov. to Dec. on the Place Maurice-Marie Jalnot. Look for handmade decorations carefully placed throughout the town, including figures of lutins (elves) and Pere Noel in the streets by the market.
Saint-Quirin: Early December this historic village hosts a weekend market in the Place de l”Eglise. You will find traditional glass making.
Rodemack: The market generally takes place during the second weekend of December and is a medieval event, with locals in traditional dress.
Epinal: Taking place towards the end of November, the market here is spread across the Place des Vosges and the Place des Quatre-Nations. Look out for marzipan cailloux-literally translated as “pebbles”, and bonbons des Vosges, sweets created with resin extracted from local pine trees.

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There is a Christmas market in Paris on the Champs Elysées but I don't know how early in December it begins .... likely some time in the first week.

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I think Abe meant Nancy and Metz are forty-five minutes from each other, not from Paris.

There is a Christmas market in front of the St. Sulpice church in Paris.

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the Christmas market on the Champs starts the last week or so in November . . .I watch them put it up in front of my office

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