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Chamonix -- Lift to Italian side -- worth waiting for?

My husband and I are looking at itinerary options for a 2 1/2 week trip to France this fall. We are both interested in visiting Chamonix and taking the lifts up to see the Alps, but the lift that connects you to the Italy side (listed as "wow" in the RS book) closed last Sept for construction work and there doesn't seem to be any information on their site on when it will re-open.

We are trying to be realistic in how much we can do during our first trip to France and know we will need to take another trip (or two) to see everything we'd like to, so is this particular experience worth waiting for until that portion of the lift is open again? Though it is one of the top things we want to see, Chamonix is somewhat out of the way, so a stop here will affect other portions of our itinerary.

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Crossing the Alps to Italy on those little cable cars is one of the most memorable things we've ever done. It is definitely worth waiting for. Since you say Chamonix is a bit out of the way for this trip, I'd leave Chamonix for a future trip when it is open again. Use the time to delve into other things this time.

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Becky , a few points for your consideration : you comment that it will take another trip or two to get it all in . That's a more realistic view than most people take about what they can accomplish on a given trip . BUT , while I initially took that point of view myself , what I find happening is that rather than fulfilling my appetites , they only increase . Having now made repeat visits to several places ( Chamonix among them ) I only want more . If going to Chamonix works for you , GO !! if the Hellbronner cable car is open , that's great . If not , there is so much to experience in the area ,you can pick it up next time . Don't wait , life is unpredictable and you never know when this might be your best shot . When Sue and I went to Chamonix two years ago , that was our thinking . This past fall ,we were able to return at the end of our recent trip and it was even better . Wherever you go , you will run into closures , restoration work , scheduling that does not fit in your plans ; you have to get around it . Try not to be rigid in your thinking , if it works , if it's a passion , do your best and do it !! I wish you a very happy trip , and I'm sure it will be .

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I agree with Steven. Go if you want to se Chamonix. I missed the Cable car that takes you to Italy by two days this past September. I knew it would be closed but choose to go anyway. I had a great time up on the Aguille Du Midi. I was up there for 5 hours. I was so interesting. I plan on going back next year for four or five days.