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Certificate of Travel to Enter France

For those that have filled this form out. How are you filling it out if you are a US Citizen but traveling to France from a Green Country. We are flying from Naples Italy to Paris. And a little confused on how to fill out. Here is what it looks like and not sure what to put for residing at. Should I put our last stop in Italy which is Positano and the address or my home address and put the Positano address in the Initial place of origin and Paris as my final desitnation? Thanks


This statement shall be presented to the transport companies before boarding and to the border control authorities.
The measures applied to vaccinated adults are extended under the same conditions to their accompanying minors, whether vaccinated or not.

To be completed by the traveller:
I, the undersigned,
Mr/Mrs: ...
Born on:
Residing at: ?????????

Initial place of origin (city/country):

Final destination (city/country):

• I hereby declare on my honour that I have not had any of the following symptoms during the last 48 hours:
- Fever or chills;
- Cough or aggravation of my usual cough;
- Unusual fatigue;
- Unusual shortness of breath when I speak or make the slightest effort;
- Unusual muscle aches and/or pains;
- Unusual headaches;
- Loss of taste or smell;
- Unusual diarrhoea.

• I hereby declare on my honour that I have no knowledge of having been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 during the last fourteen days prior to departure.

Done in _________________, on _ / ____ / 2021


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Hi- for “residing at,” you should put your home address.

In the “done at” field at the very end, it means where you are when you sign the document, so there, you would write Positano.

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Will your departure from the US be more or less than 14 days before you enter France?

If you will have been out of the US for less than 14 days you will be entering from a Red country.

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Nigel …. Is Italy now on Red List? I just went to Gov.UK and it shows it to be Amber as well as the US and France.

OAN….. I’m flying from CDG (after 7 days in France) and transiting at LHR to my flight home to US. My connect time is 2 ½ hrs. Obviously I will get my Covid test in Paris within 72 hours of departure from France but do I have to get a second test on arrival at LHR?

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A few points for edryer:

1) the U.S. is an orange/amber country in France’s categorization since 9/12 (not red)

2) France does not have — as Italy and some other countries do — a “cleansing” period that they look back at. I.e., there’s no 14-day period at work here.

3) the form you pulled up from the green list is the exact same form even if you WERE considered entering from Orange list country (assuming you are vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated please advise and I will give different guidance).

4) what I told you about how to fill it out is correct

5) the truth is the last time I flew back into France from another European country, nobody looked at this damn form even though they insist you have to fill it out.!!!!

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Perfect thanks! We will be in Italy for 16 days but I know some of the forms the airport doesn’t even look at. Rather have it than not just in case.