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CDG to Reims ( 2 days) then Versailles (2 days) and then Paris

So - I have been thinking - our side trips from Paris are Reims and Versailles and I think we need more time to explore both sights

Is it realistic to arrive in Paris and then travel to Reims, I would imagine by train, for two days, - gives us time to tour the vineyards and the amazing Notre Dame and town.

Then onto Versailles for two days - giving us time to visit the Queen's Hamlet, the chateau and the gardens and then travel to Paris and experience all its wonders.

I realize we will have our luggage to transport and we will have to book our train tickets -
but I think this might be a better plan. Every time - I envision us rushing through our experience in Reims and Versailles - I think craft a better journey.

Your feedback - as always so helpful - particularly if this is NOT a good plan.

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Spending a night or two in Reims (or Épernay) is a good idea if you are interested in Champagne and want to tour vineyards rather than just cellars.
However, spending the night in Versailles seems unnecessary; trains between Paris and Versailles take 20-45 minutes depending on the route. If Versailles is such a draw for you, I'd rather base myself in a Paris location that is close to one of the 3 railways to Versailles, and give myself the option to travel to Versailles twice.

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I think spending several days in Reims is a great idea. We spent two days there before the Rick Steves Eastern France tour, and wished we had had more time. The cathedral museum is wonderful; the Surrender Museum was an unexpected treat, and the town itself is lovely and walkable.

I agree with the others, though, that visiting Versailles from Paris is a better idea, and will solve the luggage problem. If you decide you want to spend more than one day there, it's an easy train ride to return.

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Versailles including the out buildings is a full day at best. Little value to overnight in the area or a two day visit. It is a day trip from Paris.

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Agree with others on Versailles, a day trip from Paris is the way to go.

A single night in Reims maybe, but there are nice day trips via small passenger vans with pickup / dropoffs at Paris hotels. Not sure I would bother with an overnight there.

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From CDG you can take a taxi to Dammartin-en-Goële bus station (15-minutes) where you can catch a bus to Reims (2h) that requires a transfer. Otherwise, it’s only a 1h direct train ride from Paris’s Est station to Reims.
I agree with the others that Versailles is an easy day trip from Paris.

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A few years ago I took the tgv direct from cdg to Reims and spent a weekend there. It was very easy. If I recall correctly the tgv train station is a little outside the Reims center and requires taking a tram about a 50m walk from the train station into the city that is easy to navigate There is another train station in the center which is what we took when we headed back to Paris. We booked a train and our flight ended up getting into cdg very early and we were able to switch to an earlier train.

We enjoyed our weekend in Reims even though it rained the whole time. Les Tellers b&b had a wonderful and large room, great breakfast and friendly hosts.