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CDG to Isle St Louis hotel

Hi, I was wondering best mode of transportation. I am tempted to jump on a train to save money but this is our first trip out of the US and think it may be nice to be above ground to soak in the sights. I heard cabs are a rip off and heard I was much better off with an Uber. Just curios of peoples thoughts? Our flight arrives at 6 am and we will have some time before we can check into our Hotel. Thank you

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Taxis from CDG to Paris are a fixed rate. The train is an interesting experience for someone who has never been out if the US before. Yesterday, in Montpellier France a deadbeat Uber driver tried to pocket a cancellation fee off me after he cancelled. So don't believe everything you hear. Just keep coming here and asking us questions.

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I'd recommend a taxi, especially if there are three or four of you. There's a fixed fare, I believe 50 euros for the right (north) bank of the Seine and 55 for the left (south) bank. Not sure which applies to the Ile since it's in the middle of the river, and my numbers may be a little outdated. Cabs aren't a ripoff. They use meters in the city, and the fare to and from CDG is fixed. But don't take a ride with someone who approaches you in the terminal (rail or air), that's how to get ripped off. Go to the official taxi stand in front of the building and get in line.

Alternatively, you could take the RER "B" train to Gare du Nord, and a taxi from there. You wouldn't miss much scenery using the train, but you probably wouldn't save much money either -- again, depending on how many you are. For just one or two people, the cheapest way to go is the RER and then Metro, but that still requires you to haul your bags across a bridge to the Ile, which doesn't have a Metro station. And pickpockets are looking for tired, confused, luggage-laden visitors on the trains and in the stations.

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The FIRST thing you need to learn is just because it is different from the US it is not a rip off. That term is used too frequently. Taxis are generally fair. I believe it is a fixed rate around 50, maybe 55 euro so doubt if you would do any better with Uber. Second, Uber in Europe operates under tighter controls (varies by countries) and sometimes is more of a private driver. We use taxis all the time with no problems.

If you are arriving from an overnight flight, this is not the time to save money. Go the taxi start and have him get your cab. Right the hotel name and address on a card for the driver and then relax and enjoy the ride.

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I will also add if you choose to take a taxi be sure it’s the official taxi queue. Years ago some friends arrived at CDG and weren’t aware of the Official taxi queue. They ended up paying $100 to their hotel in Le Marais. We were so glad they warned us following their experience. We were pleased with our taxi ride and the fixed rate.

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You are safe in a taxi Parisien as long as the driver starts the meter. Avoid the temptation to broadly describe taxis as rip-offs, as it is not true.

From CDG, the fare is fixed at 53€ for up to 4 people and luggage to the Right bank, which should include both Ile de la Cité and Ile St Louis, and 58€ to anywhere on the Left Bank. Drivers are not tipped. Do not accept offers from clandestine drivers soliciting from within the terminals. Proceed to the official taxi queue, but double-check the exact pickup location, as many of the normal terminal exits are blocked due to limited building access during Covid protocols.

Have your destination written in advance to give to the driver. Include the arrondissement number.

In my opinion, the train ride from CDG into Paris is not particularly pretty. Much of it is below grade/underground, and what you do see is mostly industrial locations and train yards.

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From Google search

Taxis are readily available outside of all three terminals, and will take you only 45 minutes to reach the city centre. Paris airport taxi rides at CDG are charged at a flat rate, and cost 55€ if your destination is on the right bank, and 60€ if it's on the Left bank of Paris.

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You could take the RER train all the way to St-Michel / Notre Dame and walk over the river to the island, about half the price of a taxi (for 2). It’s about a 10 minute walk and pretty, although the train ride is ugly.

There’s no metro segment or taxi on this journey, the RER train goes all the way to your destination.

On a small island the address will be easy to find.

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The fixed rates are 53€ to the right bank and 58€ to the Left Bank. If you reserve a taxi ahead of time maybe because you want to have a car seat or something like that, there is an additional charge. If you are at all worried and your French is not great, just write the address including the postal code on a piece of paper along with the fare and hand that to the driver after saying bonjour and then everyone will be on the same page. As to rip offs, to me there is no bigger rip off than surge pricing. Taxis between Paris and CDG always cost the same whereas the same is not true for Ubers.

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If this is indeed your first trip into Paris, and you indicate that it is, take an official taxi. After an all night transatlantic flight, you will be tired, in unfamiliar surroundings, and will really not want to hunt for any address. A taxi is door to door service, which you will appreciate. Once you understand the terrain, the train is both faster and cheaper than taxi; but don´t take the RER your first time entering into the city.

If you arrive Sunday morning, a taxi will be 45 minutes or less to your destination. If you arrive on a Monday through Friday morning, expect taxi rides of from 60 to 90 minutes (which is why I typically use the train). If it is raining, count on 90 minutes as A1 into Paris slows to a crawl during rain.

We seem not to be clear on the exact cost of a taxi from CDG into Paris. Taxis are regulated by the Police and the official rates are found on their website (JHK has the correct rates):

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Please listen to Tocard’s advice, he has everything correct. JHK as well.

Also, it’s your honeymoon. Take a taxi into town for your first visit to Paris.

You can leave your luggage at your hotel.

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hey hey skip
if you’ve never been to France, how can you believe what you’ve heard cabs are rip offs!! how do you know if an Uber won’t rip you off! it’s your vacation, maybe walk to hotel and no rip offs.
Paris is a great place, you make what you get out of it, bad attitudes get bad responses.
Change mind and attitude what you’ve heard and have a great time.
ask if hotel will hold baggage, go walk around ile St. Louis, enjoy the atmosphere, have breakfast at a cafe, you are near Notre dam cathedral, sit and people watch.
ask hotel when to come back if you can get early check in.
do come back after trip and report your time there

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I also recommend a taxi. They're easy to find as there are lots of signs. And to reinforce earlier posts make certain you take an approved, fixed rate ride. Hand the driver a note with the hotel address and you're almost set...

You're better off paying with Euros. Either bring a "get started stash from home (kept in your money belt)" or withdraw some Euros from an easy to find bank ATM at the airport. Remember to proceed without converting to dollars. Always choose the local currency (Euros in France).

Happy traveling.

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I’m just here to say that even after 2+weeks in France, getting good at directions from driving, I was still very glad we taxied from our train station to our hotel on Ile St Louis. We just got in the que and showed the address, and voila. At the hotel door! I would do it again and likely will.

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Here is how I make this decision. I have two plans ready. Plan A- I am tired from my flight and the only thing I care about is getting to the hotel with as little fuss as possible. Taxi. Plan B- I am feeling good after my flight and don’t need extra rest/help in getting to the hotel. RER and metro.

My last trip to Paris I left home thinking it would be Taxi, but felt so good once I was there it ended up being RER. The secret is to always give yourself permission to take a taxi if you are feeling the effects of your journey or anytime that it seems the most sensible choice.

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I don't make it a habit taking taxis in Europe, both in France and Germany, and also in Poland. Those rides I have had over the years were never a rip-off be in Paris, Berlin, Minden, Soest, Ger., etc.

Never took Uber but then I didn't want to either.

Taxi over an Uber from CDG. In addition to the benefits many have listed above, taxis can use the High Occupancy Lanes on the highway and Ubers can not.

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The RER and the bus option or ok, but with 2 people you'll be spending at least 22 euros. I'd make my decision bases on how much luggage you have, and how close your hotel is to the RER stops.

We just have carry on bags. When we arrived at CDG 2 years ago, we took the train out of the airport bc we were going to Nimes. But when we were leaving Paris to come home, we took a taxi arranged by our hotel. It was very nice. I remember the price being set, too. And the driver was great.. I remember he asked us if it was ok if he stopped a few blocks from our hotel because the grocer there had such wonderful cherries. Then he shared the cherries with us. They were wonderful.

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If you’re planning to get the Navigo Découverte, which is a transportation pass that covers the RER, Métro, Busses and Trams (which I highly recommend), and you arrive early in the week (Weekly Pass good from Mon to Sun) it will cover your ride on the RER from CDG into Paris, plus your public transportation until Sunday of that week.

Edit: explains it all.

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The Navigo Découverte is just a card costing 5€. It is one of several cards onto which one may add a variety of fares. Fare options include daily, weekly, and monthly passes as well as the Jeune week-end or Antipollution pass or the pass Fête de la musique.

Perhaps the most common usage of the ND card for those visiting Paris for just a week or so would be to load a weekly (M - Sun), zone 1-5 fare costing 22.80€. The ND card is non-transferrable and must contain the name and a photo (25mm x 30mm) of the user. There has recently been stepped up efforts to enforce the name/photo rule for those using the card. Do not forget this simple requirement.

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You are right Tocard about enforcement stepped up. I have encountered many Controleurs (is that the correct title?) checking people very often in the Métro and on busses. Have never seen them on busses before, and have encountered many more on the Métro than on previous visits. Have seen lots of people being caught and fined.

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Take a fixed rate taxi. That is what we always do at CDG. Where did you get the idea that Paris airport taxis are rip offs? Not true. Forget Uber.
Go to your hotel and check your bags at the front desk.. Then go for a walk around the city, have a coffee and croissant for breakfast, and return to your hotel when your room is expected to be ready.
Or take a boat ride on the Seine, Bateaux Mouches or Vedettes du Pont Neuf, after your breakfast; you will see Paris’ famous monuments and the breezes will keep you awake.