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CDG terminal 3 - time to get rental car

We’re arriving at CDG terminal 3 at 4pm on a weekday in November (from Spain, so no customs) and will have checked luggage. We will pick up a rental car at terminal 2D. I’ve read that it can take quite some time to get out of the airport. Any estimate on how long it will be before we are on the road? We were originally to arrive at 2 pm, but the airline changed the schedule. We are driving to Bayeux that afternoon. Not looking forward to evening traffic around Paris, but hoping to get to Bayeux by 10 pm. Any tips? Taking the train will not get us there earlier.

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Get the Costco 36 pack of "Patience". Its right next to the paper towels!

I suspect the locals have already discovered the secret route that has no traffic

Good Luck!

Or to paraphrase, "Keep calm and creep on"

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The only tip I can offer, is that in rush hour you should not hesitate to take the tolled A14. Fastest route should be A1 (Paris) -> A86 (Nanterre)-> A14 (Rouen) -> A13.
There is a more complicated route around the North of the Paris metropolitan area, too: if you have data or WiFi you can check Google maps traffic info as or before you leave.

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Traffic should not be that bad and as said by others, you will not need to go through Paris. Use a earl time GPS that will direct you around avoidable slow downs.
I’ve rented cars at CDG a number of times. I have gotten out in 30 minutes from the time I got in line at the counter and once it took almost two hours. Usually, it’s about 30 minutes. For me the real wild card at CDG has been retrieving checked luggage. For example, in summer 2017, my son and I were meeting my husband at CDG. We were running late and were at Saint-Michel-Notre Dame (yikes) when he texted to say he had landed and we got to CDG and waited about 20 minutes for him to come out. When he came out, he told us that he had gotten through passport control in 15 minutes and spent the rest of the time waiting for his luggage. In fairness to Air France, they were offloading an Airbus 380 which will probably not be the case for your flight. If you get out of CDG by 6 PM, I think you will get to Bayeux by 10 PM, assuming normal traffic.