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CDG Airport Transfer (Terminal 2B to 2F) ... and how to save time.

Tomorrow we begin our Tale of 4 Airports. At Airport # 3, CDG, we have about 1 hr. 45 min. to get from our incoming flight (British; from Heathrow, arr. Terminal 2B) to our departure flight (Air France, to Bordeaux, Terminal 2F).

On top of clearing customs, are we going to also have to re-enter Airport security? Can we walk from terminal 2F to 2B, or should we take a shuttle? If we take a shuttle, does that change the situation with an added security step?

... Let me also thank participants on this forum for all kinds of help over the past months as we have planned. You've provided help with navigating SNCF for train travel, you've identified self-guided cycling operators (even if not the one we ultimately selected), a guide for the Catherdral in Chartres, a lovely looking B&B that we will stay in while we are in Chartres, accommodations & restaurants in Paris, and thoughts on how to order food in restaurants without being ugly Americans. So tomorrow, we are off to Bordeaux, the Dordogne, Nantes, the Loire Valley, Chartres, Versailles and finally Paris (our second time there). 4 weeks in France! On y va!

Merci Beaucoup. (Et Merci Eric, vous avez raison)

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You will clear immigration/passport control at CDG, customs in Bordeaux. You will also pass through security at CDG.

Just follow the signs for those making connections (Correspondence). Do not exit with passengers having CDG as a final destination.

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I think there might be some confusion on which terminals you'll be arriving/departing from. British Airways usually uses 2D, and your flight to Bordeaux should depart from either 2F or 2G. Once you clear immigration, you walk to 2F. 2G requires a bus from 2F. You'll just need to look at the monitors upon your arrival to see which terminal you need to go to. As noted above, just follow the yellow Correspondances signs to the appropriate terminal.

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Thanks, Eric

The terminal info came from the airlines, but MONTHS ago and I never really considered it conclusive. PERHAPS in my memory I reversed the Terminals. Will double check BA today and Air France at CDG on Tuesday ... 14 or 15 hours into our 17 hour journey (assuming all goes as planned).

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2B and 2D have been joined together by a shared hall so they are now one terminal for all intents and purposes, hence the confusion!

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This is plenty of time to make the connection airside; go on line to the CDG airport site and search for how to make connections between various terminals and you will get clear instructions. Some of them can be done on foot and others require a bus BUT it is critical that you follow correspondence -- if you get loose in the terminal and have to go back through security you will not make the connection. There is passport control along the way in the correspondence.

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Fyi, be aware that your departure gate may change at anytime. In April, by the time I walked the length of the concourse to my listed gate, it had changed to a different concourse/gate. There was no posted notice at the gate desk. Fortunately there was another departure reader board close to the gate and I stopped to double check.