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CDG, Airport hotel, France in late September

I hope someone can give me some ideas for a nice hotel in the $140.00 range or less which can be cancelled if somethings happens
that would require me to cancel my reservation. There will be my daughter and myself needing 1 room with two beds. I believe our return flight to the states is around 1 PM so we can easily make it to the airport by leaving around 9 AM from the hotel. We would like to spend the night within a 2 or 3 mile radius of the airport. There are so many hotels and after reading a Kazillion reviews, thought that the travel forum which I have relied upon so many times will be able to help.

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We like the IBIS Paris CDG Airport which is only 0.6 miles from Terminal 2 and is only about 150 ft. from the under ground station for the free shuttle to Terminal 2 and the RER to Paris. You did not say when you are going but I just looked on line for July, and shows a price of $115 with free cancellation which is a better price than the IBIS web site. Beware there is another IBIS that will pop but it is about 2 miles away. Have a good trip.

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Since your flight to the US is 1 PM, you will want to be at the airport by 10 AM. You can do this from central Paris easily; you don't need to be at an airport hotel. If you're just going to be in the Paris area for one night, an airport hotel works fine (but with that schedule, I'd still stay in Paris itself). If you're already in Paris for one or more nights before this last night, don't change hotels.

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Thanks for the replies. we will actually be arriving from Poland and that is why we need a hotel for
The evening. My daughter and I will be heading to different locations
I will be taking a flight to Southern France. Retirement is nice as I don't have to rush back to work.
I will be posting again as we will be in Paris for 7 days before heading to Poland.
Mother and daughter have the same tastes. We like museums, palaces, gardens and we are both photographers, she being the professional. We have never been to Paris so will need lots and lots
of ideas for sightseeing for this time span.

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I agree with Harold, with a 1 PM flight you should be fine staying in your central Paris hotel the night before. After a week in Paris you'll be transportation pros! How to get to the airport of course depends on where you're staying, but the RER "B" train is fast and inexpensive (be sure to take the train going to CDG, there's another "B" train that branches out to another destination). Or, if it works out geographically and you want a more comfortable ride at a little higher cost, the Air France bus also works.

If you want to be at the airport the night before, the Ibis mentioned above is a good affordable choice located right in the airport. There are also hotels in the nearby town of Roissy with shuttle service, I'm sure some in your price range. is a good way to find them. Since the town is so close to the airport, you'll have no trouble making your flight if the hotel has a shuttle. I haven't been there myself, but I'd think you're likelier to find a nice "Parisian" place for dinner your last night than anywhere within CDG itself.

Have a wonderful trip!