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Catacomb ticket purchase?

Hi everyone!

We are a larger group (11) travelling to Paris for first time this summer. Trying to do as much advance planning as possible including pre purchased time specific tix whenever possible as we expect large crowds.

I found some "skip the line" option on the GetYourGuide website. All looked great but when I tried to purchase for July, it said not enough tix were available for every time slot that day.

I went on the Catacomb website directly. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time navigating as I'm unable to read the French and it doesn't appear to have an English option when purchasing tix. When I logged on yesterday, only the calendar for April was available, I could not move it further. Today, the May calendar comes up, but I cannot make it move forward or backwards.

Does anyone know how far in advance the time specific tix are offered? I initially thought that the tickets were already sold out for the date we want to go, but as I'm unable to get the calendar up on their own website, I'm wondering if maybe the tickets just aren't available for sale yet.

Any input appreciated!!!
Thanks in advance!!!

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Just an update and some info for those who may have similar booking issue....

I was able to purchase 2 adult tickets on the GetYourGuide website when only the adult tix were requested. I was NOT able to buy any of the kids tickets. We called and they stated that we need to exchange our voucher at a storefront to get the actual tickets. When we do that we can purchase the kids entry for $5 euros per child as they must be accompanied by an adult. Odd that they list kids tickets available for repurchase if they actually are not. I sure hope they gave us the correct info, and, I never was able to get the official Catacomb website to work for July! Fingers crossed on this one...

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I would recommend using the official website for the Catacombes, and cut out the middle man.
You can print your tickets at home.
And you go directly to the front of the line where the roped-off area is.
EDIT : This site is in ENGLISH.

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I purchased tickets to the Catacombs for our June visit a couple of weeks ago. I just checked and was able to get to the appropriate page.

I'm using Google Chrome. I know different websites can have differences depending on what browser you are using.

Go to There's a button on the left that says "Puchase the tickets online." That opens a new window. The new window is french with no translate feature in the page, but on my browser where the internet address is there's an icon that will translate. There's a picture of skulls and it says "Catacombs". Click on that. Wait. Next page has another picture with skulls that says "Reserver". Click on that. Wait. That will bring up the calendar. There is an arrow to forward the month. For me there is a delay to forward the month of a few seconds each time I click it. Once you get to June, pick your date and time you want.

I don't know if this will help, but it's how I did it (and I just confirmed it would work again just now.)

Good luck!

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When I go to this website it will only allow me to purchase 1 ticket at a time. Is that how you had to purchase them as well?

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What's the price for tickets? I have the 2018 RS book and it says the tickets for the Catacombes are 12Euro but the website has the prices at $29 with Audio Guide and then a listing just under that for "T. Young Cup file without audioguide 4-17 years included" for 5 Euro

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@chexbres I can't open the English link you've listed. I can get to the French version and translate it via Google Chrome however

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You don't have to get the audio guide. The tickets are expensive enough.
As I mentioned, this site is in ENGLISH.