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CARES Belt Accepted on Air France?

I have been trying to contact Air France but keep getting an "all circuits are busy" when calling. Air France does not explicitly state on their website where I can locate that they do or do not accept the belt as a child restraint device. Does anyone know?

Thank you!

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Interesting. I had a similar devise 40 years ago and airlines were insistent that a toddler was safer in your lap unrestrained than with a devise designed for use on public transport without a car seat. I took to putting it on the kid but covering it with a sweater and then discreetly sliding my seatbelt through the back of the harness. This anchored the kid properly and was undetectable as if he were just sitting in my lap. If we had been in a hard landing, turbulence or crash he would have been protected from my weight, since I was restrained by the seatbelt, but also kept from flying out of my arms as he was harnessed to me with a devise designed to properly distribute his weight in a crash.