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care for back problems

My wife and I are staying in an apartment for in Paris for another month and a half, and she has developed debilitating back pain. It is in her upper back, on the right side, and comes on when she stands too long, or walks too slowly. It seems to be better when I press hard on the affected area while she is lying down on her stomach. She is 68. Can anyone recommend a doctor, a chiropractor, or a hospital where she can get care. We speak some French, but are far from fluent. Thanks in advance. Peter

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Every apartment we have rented has had a connection to English speaking medical care for their renters. Why don’t you start with the agency or landlord.
We have received excellent medical care including in Paris. SOS Medicines was the company we used there.

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Two English speaking physicians that I was advised about from a former landlord in Paris are:
5th a Agnes Bryan (06 86 48 36 21)
8th a Dr. Salzan (01 45 63 18 43)

If you are in a different neighbourhood they may be aware of other English speaking physician though, I would expect most offices in Paris would be able to assist you. Perhaps ask at your local pharmacy (in every neighbourhood). Pharmacies in Europe can be a great resource.