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Car Transfer From & To Paris Airports


We are a family of five (children ages 16, 13 & 11). Can someone recommend a good reliable car service company to pick us up at Orly airport and drop us off at Charles de Gaulle airport?

Thank you, Agron

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Hopefully you're not arriving into ORY airport on the same day you're scheduled to depart from CDG? That could be very bad.

Paris airport shuttle services are not known for their reliability. However, we've used Shuttle Inter on 3 or 4 different occasions, and they've always been there for us right on time.

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Hi Tim,

We are not. We're staying four nights in Paris. We are arriving from Dubrovnik to Orly and flying home from Charles de Gaulle. Thank you for the link.


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There is now a fixed rate for cabs from Orly and CDG. It's €35 for Orly ( just used it last week) and €50-55 for CDG depending if you're on the left or right bank. If you use a cab, make sure you walk out to the taxi stand. There was a barrage of aggressive men walking up to us offering taxi rides when we walked out the exit doors but then I remembered not to take those rides since they may name their own prices and they may not be official taxi drivers so I looked for the official taxi stand instead. Once in Paris, we used Uber as well to get around. With a family of 5, that may work out the same as paying for 5 tickets on the metro.

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If you are not making a run from Orly to CDG but going into Paris and then later out to CDG, your best bet it a taxi. Get in the official queue at Orly and take a cab; they will match you with one that accommodates your group. It will cost 30 or 35 Euro depending on which side of the river you are going plus 4 Euro for the 5th person. No tip needed. This is much cheaper than public transport.

to go to CDG book a G7 cab on their English line the night before letting then know you need a van cab for a party of 5. It costs 7 Euro to book ahead and 50 or 55 plus 4 Euros for the 5th person.

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You did not mention where you are staying, but my hotel arranged for a shuttle to pick me up and then take me back to the airport when I left. I was given contact info for the service incase something happened.

They were on time and were there when I had to leave my hotel at 5:00 in the morning to makes very early flight.

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Since this isn't a trip directly from Orly to CDG as I first thought, I agree -- no need for a shuttle , just take a cab. Much easier now that the rates are fixed.

Do know that there is a 7-euro fee to reserve your departure taxi (for CDG) in advance. And of course the 4€ for the fifth person. Still much more economical and WAY less hassle than a shuttle.

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With 5 people a shuttle will always be more expensive. Be sure you mention the fixed fee when you enter the cab. I would hand the cabbie your address plus 35+4 Euro written down (or 30 + 4 Euro if going to the left bank from Orly) This trip we had a cab driver in the official queue punch in the drop fee (2.60) the pre-booking fee (7 Euro) and then try to run the meter. I immediately corrected him and he put 55 on the meter (from CDG to 13 e) This is the first time a cab driver has pulled this crap on us since the fixed fees were established, but there are a few who will do this.