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Car Rental Advice

My family of 4 (all adults) will be renting a car for 7 days in France. We are all just carrying on and I am wondering if a rental car that states "2 pieces of luggage" be big enough for all of our carry-ons. Any experience with how much space that will provide us would be greatly appreciated.

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Get a car that you'll all be comfortable in. Research on and deal directly with the rental company, not a consolidator. The companies have descriptions of their car classes which include the number of large and small bags which will fit in.

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No chance. What's worse is that if it will only hold two pieces of luggage, four adults are going to be really, really cramped - - especially for a week.

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We traveled with another couple in 2008. We rented a "midisze" "standard" "family" size car (different car rental places call it different things, but we did not do economy or compact size). We had no problem getting 4 carry on bags and one other bag plus a few souvenirs in the trunk. I practiced on my Honda Civic before we left to make sure it would work. The trunk was full, but it worked. We did keep our daybags (the things we would need for that day) in the car with us. I prefer a trunk versus a hatchback, but when you rent you cannot make that request. The 4 of us are going back this September and doing the same thing with a rental in France and a rental in Great Britain. I am optimistic. The larger car also makes it more comfortable for 4 adults driving. (While the back seat is not as comfortable as the front, it is fine for 4. We did rotate some of the longer travel days.).