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Car Rental

I'm renting a car at CDG to drive around. Finishing the trip in Paris, coming in from the West (Giverny). Don't want the car while I'm in Paris. Any ideas on best place to return the car?

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I would pick a large train station (car rental staff present, typically a parking structure/easy access). I find Gare de Lyon straightforward. Gas station on south east side if you need to refill before returning.

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Under similar circumstances in 2016 we returned the rental at CDG, and took a cab into Paris (fixed rate; short walk from rental return to cab stand at terminal) . Finding CDG for the return will be easy because of the excellent signage on the motorways. If you do this, before leaving CDG with the car on arrival, get directions and a clear understanding of how to find the return lot. Others, on similar post/threads, have said the rental car return is well marked but we spent 15-20 frustrating minutes trying to find it. Also, if the rental has GPS, confirm that it is "speaking" in English (or language of choice) before leaving the rental lot. (Ours had been set to German, but a Hertz attendant helped us switch back to English.) Bon Voyage!

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We rented at CDG, kept the car for 10 days then dropped in Chartres before taking the train to Paris. Hertz rental through AutoEurope.

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We drove in from Normandy and decided to return our car at Orly instead of CDG simply because Orly is much closer than CDG. The fixed cab rate into Paris is €35 versus €50-55 from CDG. There is also a gas station to the right as you enter the airport area which we discovered after we wasted an hour going from one gas station to the next and couldn't find one that would take any of our cards or cash. Finally figured out that the BP or Esso gas stations do not take MC or Visa or AmEx which was just strange.

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We dropped our car at the montparnasse rail station. Once we figured out that the return was 4 floors underground in a parking garage it was easy. The finding it was the hard part.

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The obvious question is which company are you using? Many companies have locations in central or suburban Paris, but we need to know which one to direct you to.

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How far away are you coming from? You could drop further out in Rouen, then hop on the fast train to Saint Lazare but stop at Giverny on the way and catch a later train back into Paris after you visit the gardens. It will be a little more expensive than a car for a day but you will get to Giverny faster and more comfortably than driving from out in Normandie.

If not any further out. Drop in Giverny and train into Saint Lazare, metro or taxi from there to your lodging.

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We recently finished a similar trip where we rented a car at CDG (Hertz), drove around northern France for 10 days and then returned the car in Paris at Gare du Nord train station where there is a large garage for returning rental cars. It was quite easy and even allowed us the use the car to drive around the Paris sites during the day before returning it. We did this on a Sunday when Paris traffic was light. We also dropped off our luggage at our rented apartment before returning the car. Just make sure you have a GPS unit or GPS smart phone for driving in the city.