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Can we just show up at the Eiffel Tower?

Background- I tend to overplan trips. Paris in 2 weeks. We wanted to go the Eiffel Tower the first evening we are there around sunset but tickets are only available until 1530. Given that it’s November and not as crowded do you think that we would have success just showing up and waiting for a ticket around 1700? Or with covid is that too risky ? Thanks as always.

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Yes, you can, I was there last Thursday and just showed up and bought tickets; waited about 15 minutes in line.,

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Back in April 2014 we showed up at opening to buy tickets and only had to wait about 20 minutes to go up.

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November weather is unpredictable and can be very iffy to say the least, so I would definitely just show up - chances are you won't want to go up on that day anyway.

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That makes sense - you mean wait for the clear day, right ? If any lol.

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We were in Paris in November 2019. I waited to get Tower tickets until the day before, because of weather. COVID has probably affected capacity. But I’d rather be there on a clear day than a rainy one, even if it can’t be at sunset.

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I would not purchase ET tickets in advance for a visit during the winter months. Visibility is always a concern, and lines are not nearly as long and difficult as they are during summer months.

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The only time I went to the top I just showed up on a June day. But it had been cloudy and rainy all morning. Checking online ( I could see it would likely clear, but most people don't watch weather radar and satellite enough to know. So even though it rained on my bus to the ET, it was beautiful and sunny when I arrived and started my climb, and there was hardly any line. YMMV