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Want to see 3 or 4 calenques by boat. Is it better to see them from Marseille or Cassis?

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Cassis is smaller and therefore more manageable IMO. It was quite easy to get to the harbor and select a boat for the trip. There are at least a half dozen different vendors offering trips. I believe the boat we took went to 5 calanques. There are also several nice quay-side restaurants and cafes for a post cruise lunch.

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Best way to go from Marseille to Cassis for calenques boat tour. Taxi from port?

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I just went the other day. I was staying in Marseille but when to Cassis to take the cruise from there. I went via a guided tour (it was splendid).

Hopefully it's a beautiful day when you go. When I went the sky was blue making the water even more gorgeous. One of my most magical experience in my life.

I know three different cruises are offered from Cassis (depending on the number of calanques you want to see.
I know RS mentions a bus that will take you to the centre ville of Cassis. The train station is quite a distance away from the center ville. The town itself felt like a giant tourist village to me. But it was a nice experience.

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We went from Cassis and it was pretty easy -- they're a lot closer to Cassis, so it depends on whether you also want the longer boat ride just to get there.