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Buying Versailles Tickets Online

Does anyone have advice for buying Versailles tickets online? I have gone to their main website and navigated to the online payment option with a credit card, but then it just will not proceed to confirmation of purchase. Any advice on this? Their website is very clunky.

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Maybe try again, I just bought my tickets on line a couple of days ago and it worked fine for me. Maybe try a different browser?

Good luck!

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I haven't tried it recently, but will just mention that if you have the time and interest to take a guided tour ("visite guidee") it's well worth it. You go through a separate entrance (at the right-hand side of the courtyard) and are away from the insane crowd. When we did it, our guide was excellent. Not only was her English proficient, but she spoke clearly and did a fine job pointing out things for us to notice. She was also very gracious and receptive in answering questions from the tour-goers.

Once your guided tour is over (unless their procedures have changed since I was there), you are already inside and are then free to go through the rest of the public areas of the palace, as well as the gardens.

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How frustrating! There was a recent thread where the OP ultimately called the Château and they took a phone order for their tickets. Perhaps that would work for you:
+ 33 1 30 83 78 00
There are English speakers available on the phones.
Here is a quote from that thread:

Called Versailles today and purchased tickets. They have English speaking operators - super easy. Got my tickets immediately by email. 011 33 1 30 83 78 00. Operator did not know why the issue but it happens frequently.

Hope this helps, have a great day at Versailles!

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When I have had experiences like this, I use a different computer, or I kill all cookies and try to use a different browser -- often that helps.