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Buying tickets to the Eiffel Tower on-line

We are traveling to Paris in April and would like to buy tickets for the Eiffel Tower before we go. How soon do we need to by tickets? I have been to the website and it is telling me that all the tickets for the week we will be there are sold out already. Does anyone have any advice on how to buy tickets ahead of time in order to avoid the lines?
Thanks for any help.

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We had this question recently and I researched the Eiffel Tower website. The online tickets go on sale 90 days out. I also discovered that the time slots are almost all sold out by the end of the first 24 hours. On my visit to the website, there was one slot left two days after going on sale. Every time slot was booked after that. To avoid the lines, you might be able go to Viator or some other tour operator to get by the lines.

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Tickets sell out almost the moment they are released for sale by date. They are gone.. you can however check back a few times.. and enter tickets for second level.. sometimes folks have reported finding some open up randomly. Once on second level you can if you choose buy tickets for the seperate elevator to the top ( I don;t think its worth it myself) line for those tickets is usually not too long.

I also advise you to take the stairs if you want to avoid long lines. they are simply not that bad,, I did them first time in my mid forties and lived to tell the tale.. and I am not a gym person or runner.

Also, there is a "Behind the Scenes" Eiffel Tour tour.. costs a bit more but all reports seem positive on it.. and it allows you to skip line with the tour.

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I was there in Mar 2012 and was able to get my tickets. But i sure didnt dilly-dally.

Its a crap shoot what the weathers like on the day/time you choose. It was only overcast on my time, but they were closing/opening the top due to the high winds.

happy trails and dont wait too long.

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Hi Troy, if you missed the chance to get tickets for April, you can try one of the Behind the Scenes tours that Pat mentioned. If you need a recommendation, I used "Get Your Guide" tours last May and was very satisfied. The group was small and the guide was well informed. The tour lasted about 45 min then we skipped the lines to go up the Tower. At that point we were on our own and able to stay as long as we wanted. The company was one of the less expensive options. Hope you have a great trip!