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Buying PSG match tickets

Hello! I am planning to take my son and his friend to the 21 May match at Parc des Princes. I was looking at a few of the ticket options and just want to make sure I’m buying the right thing before biting the bullet. The cheapest tickets I can find available are €379 apiece… which is fine (they are close to the pitch “club” seats.. i would prefer good seats honestly) but the date and time looks as though it is subject to change.
Has anyone bought tickets before directly from the PSG site? If the game changes will I get my money back? I only checked one secondary site and they didn’t have tickets but am happy to be pointed in the right direction. Can I get tickets through Amex?

Thank you in advance

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So, I am not a fan of team sports, but am I to understand that you're contemplating spending almost 400€ per ticket for what I would assume to be a routine match involving one of the -- what are there? -- dozens of professional football teams in Europe?

If so, that's really interesting.

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Hello! I am huge European soccer fan so I can help you somewhat. I’ve never been to an actual game over in Europe due to being there only during the off-seasons. I can’t speak to using secondary sites for tickets in Europe. I can tell you why it says date is subject to change. That May 21 date is more so an indicator the game will be that weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). European domestic leagues have those tentative dates set because they end up adjusting schedules based off TV broadcasts and whatnot. They usually set a permanent date no later than a month before the match weekend. So I’m 99% certain that game will be played on either that Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of that weekend. And seeing that is also the last weekend of the domestic league season, the leagues generally like to have all the games played at the same time that match day. From history, including last season, all the games were played on that Sunday. I’m jealous. I’ve been outside that stadium before. It’s in a nice neighborhood of Paris. Also walking distance near Roland Garros where they have the French Open tennis tournament. Have fun!

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In response to Sammy: yes that may seem absurd for the price but I think that’s probably accurate and fair price surprisingly. PSG is one of the premier clubs in all of Europe and definitely France. Just like the Yankees, Lakers, Cowboys are in the US. Considering the OP also said they are seats near club seats, that price is not surprising at all. It’s their last home game of the season as well so they may even be celebrating a championship that match too.

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We all have different things we're willing to splurge on, Sammy. I don't think it's fair to do no more than criticize someone who comes along looking for suggestions. I'd say let courshel decide for themselves what is a worthwhile expense.

As an impartial observer, let me just throw out there that PSG is one of the most famous football clubs in the world, with a truly global following. PSG also has some of the most famous, talented players on their team - Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Ramos. The opportunity to see Messi play live would be worth plenty in and of itself. It's like a lifelong basketball fan getting to see Michael Jordan play (made all the more special by the fact that those of us in the US don't get to see people like Messi play club matches easily, so finding yourself traveling abroad when the opportunity presents itself could be something some folks might not want to pass up). Further still, the match the OP is asking about isn't just any match but the final match of the season - the very last fixture of the 2021-22 season, after which rosters will change and players will change.

But aaaaanyways, sound like those particular seats come with all the VIP treatment! I know most all the PSG matches (and all the Ligue 1) matches more than a few weeks out pretty much have that "TBD" disclaimer because exact times are subject to change, but there's a reasonably good chance the match will happen on that date and at that time. They just have to say that TBD because it's not officially set in stone yet. That's the last weekend of the season though and May 21 has pretty much been pegged as the final date for awhile.

Have a great time, if you go! Very exciting!

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Often the secondary market puts tickets on sale before the team sells tickets. I would call your hotel or contact the host of your rental to see if they can give you more information on when tickets typically go on sale. I have purchased tickets for FC Barcelona and Roma prior to trips in those cities. We are traveling to Lisbon this April and our VRBO host has been very helpful in giving us information on getting tickets to a Benficia game in April.

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Thank you so much! This information helps a ton. And yes the opportunity to (hopefully) see Messi, Mbappe etc…. We are so excited) we will be in Paris all weekend so on the chance the game will be played Friday or Sunday, we should be good. Thank you all very much!

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It’s their last home game of the season as well so they may even be celebrating a championship that match too.

PSG ??!! Hahahahahahahaha

(I thoroughly agree it would be cool to watch them play, and they have all these fabulous players, but the idea of their contending for a championship makes me laugh !!! They always collapse. I stand prepared for you all to re-up my post if they do win it all, Old Takes Exposed-style.)