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Buying Passe Navigo


I'm a little confused on the process of purchasing a weekly Passe Navigo card when I get to Paris. I've already done the cost analysis and the Passe Navigo is the best option for how I plan to travel while in the Paris region. Do I have to buy the card from an agent/person? Or can you get them from the kiosk? Does there need to be a photo booth nearby?

If I need to purchase from an agent, is it a straightforward transaction? Or should I plan to write down instructions in French for the agent? Just want to make sure I don't accidentally get the wrong card. Thanks!

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Hi Matt,

Yes you have to buy it from an agent, usualy in a metro station. Like said previously, you can use whatever picture you want as long as it is small format and is possible to recognize you.

The agent will sell you the pass, and then you will have to write your name on it, and paste your picture on it.


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Matt, it would help to know if you are arriving by air or by train.

At the airport, just go to the ticket booth at the RER station. Have a photocopy of your drivers license photo ready. It takes just a few moments.

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When I arrived at CDG, I headed to the train station located in the middle of Terminal 2, lower levels. Went to the ticket window, asked for a Navigo Decouverte, handed them my credit card & the kit was just handed to me. I was charged the 5 Euros for the card & the fee for the week. I stepped to the side & added my picture to the self adhesive card & printed my name on it. The picture I used was from my scanned passport, shrunk down a bit and my friends used their drivers licenese pictures. The pictures were printed on normal printer paper. Folks have said that there is a photo booth nearby & some located at stations throughout Paris stations. We brought our own pictures just to not have to worry about locating the booth or the booth being down.

The fun thing will be when I arrive in Paris this coming May & recharge my Navigo Decourverte from the machine. Paris By Train has a lot of good info.

Enjoy your trip.

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Thanks for all the advice here - just wanted to report back that this pass worked out extremely well. We brought our own pictures (2.5cm x 3cm) and the whole process took just a few minutes, even with a transit employee who spoke very little English but was very friendly, as are just about everyone Paris.