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Buying Musee d'Orsay tickets online

d'Orsay's website is not nearly as good as The Louvre's, so this wasn't completely clear. I bought tickets for my trip to France next week ahead of time for The Louvre with a specific date and time of entry. At d'Orsay it appears there is no specific date/time for pre-purchase. Instead it looks like you purchase tickets, then you can use them to enter via entry C any day/time you want for the next 90 days. Is that correct?

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That's how I understood it last spring. No day/time specified. I suggest you arrive at opening if possible and head to the Impressionist Gallery first.

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Yes, that is right. I think they usually have an expiration date — like the end of the year or something — but other than that you can use them any time the museum is open.

When you are looking at the front of the Musee d’Orsay, be sure to go to the entrance on the far RIGHT, Entrance C.

And Laurel’s suggestion is excellent. In order to see the impressionist galleries when you still have energy, i suggest going all the way to the back left of the museum and taking the series of escalators up to the 5th floor and starting in that gallery.

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Thank you all, great advice. Massive Van Gogh fanboy, so wanted to make sure I had this one right.

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Given your interest in Van Gogh you might want to do a day trip to Auvers sur Oise where he lived his last day and is buried -- it is a lovely day trip from Paris if you have the time.

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We just went to Musee d’Orsay today on the spur of the moment and we just walked up and bought tickets. Waited in line maybe five minutes. The last time I was there (five years ago) it was the same way. From my two experiences, buying advance tickets really isn’t necessary - although that might be different in the peak tourist season.