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I'm looking to do something unique for Christmas night in Paris. Lately I've been reading quite a bit about BUSTRONOME----a gourmet sight-seeing bus. Has anyone tried it yet? It looks pretty cool and the reviews are great. It sounds somewhat corny, but I'm game.

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Have not tried it, but gourmet tours are popular in many cities. Are there any BUSTRONOME reviews on other websites?

Basically I'm replying so your post will go to the top of the list, hoping someone else knows more about this tour :-)

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This is different than a food tour in that you are served a gourmet meal inside of a bus. I have read reviews, but I want to know if any RS viewers have taken the tour.

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I've never been on this "gastro-bus" tour, but that's because I'm not crazy about eating while I'm in a moving vehicle.
The website does state that everything is prepared to order, but from what I know from a lifetime of working in professional kitchens, I suspect that most of the food is pre-prepared somewhere else, heated and just the finishing touches are added.

This is the usual case with dinner cruises on the Seine, too.
If you do decide to go, keep an eye on the wine prices, which would increase your bill a tremendous amount.
And don't go if it's raining, because you won't see anything.

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Encourage you to peruse the TripAdvisor reviews posted by those with actual experience, along with ratings on TheFork.

Our first experience with Bustronome was a Sunday lunch, which we enjoyed enormously, for both the food and the tour route.

We enjoyed that so much that, last September, we booked evening dinner. Boarding the bus, we observed the chefs assembling the first course, not "pre-prepared somewhere else".

Though I, too, would guess that some prep of the many courses was prepped elsewhere, but no more so than in any other "professional kitchen". As a matter of fact, all that's going on in the OPEN kitchen is clearly visible. Regardless, each and every course was exquisite and satisying.

We were even more thrilled with the evening dinner. The bus departed just after dark, when the lights had been turned on all over, and the scenery all about was positively magical. After circling the Eiffe Tower, and just after dinner and before dessert, the bus stopped to allow us off to enjoy the "sparkling" at our leisure, for enjoying, for photo ops, videos.

While Christmas night may be more of a challenge, we were able to book TheFork with a significant discount each time, not requiring prepayment. The discounts do come and go so you should watch. But, also endeavor to secure reservations as Bustromome is a magnificent experience in every way, one you'll treasure for years to come.

I would just mention that Bustromone is one of the very few "with scenic" dining experiences in Paris, with reasonable prices, with excellent value, delicious food, exceptional service.

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Welcome to the Forum, djkbooks, great to see you here!

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Thanks, everyone. I have booked it. I figure it's a once in a lifetime experience unless I take friends with me sometime.