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Booking a taxi to airport in advance (ile St. Louis to CDG)?

We will be flying out from CDG on Sunday morning at 10am. I read in one of the books that we can ask our hotel to book a taxi for us if we ask them the day before. I figure we need to be leaving around 5:30am in order to get to the airport with more than three hours to spare (international flight). I see we could also book directly through the websites for G7 or Alpha Taxis. Has anyone done this? Were they reliable/on time?

We leave in one week and return a week later.

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I would order a G7 taxi for 6 am , why go at 5.30... too early.. traffic will not be heavy so ride to airport is only going to be 45-55 minutes .. you only should be there by 7 am ..

Ive used G7 twice no problem.

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Yes, G7 is reliable and you can either book it online or use their English-language phone number (which is on their website).

I also agree with Pat on the fact that 6 am is early enough.

Make sure to look at your flight info so you can know for sure which terminal you need to go to.

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06h00 is plenty early to leave for the airport. Ile St Louis is considered to be the Right Bank for taxi prices so you´ll pay 53€ plus a 7€ dispatch fee if you call to arrange pickup. The number for the Taxi G7, English-speaking operator is 01 41 27 66 99 or +33 1 41 27 66 99 if you are calling from an internation number. I would call myself rather than having the hotel call so there is no misunderstanding about when the taxi is supposed to pick you up.

The Alpha taxi number is 01 45 85 85 85. These two companies operate identically but Taxi G7 is much larger.

I am too frugal to pay 60€ for a taxi when Snapcar or LeCab will usually take you for under 50€. I have noticed the advertising for these two companies has become uniform, so I suspect there has been a merger. Still, these are the companies that the SNCF contracts with if you arrange for train station pickup. I have found them to be very reliable.