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Booked RS Best of Paris

We just booked the Best of Paris for May 2015 and are so excited. Has anyone been on this tour? Just wondering about what you did in your free time that can be recommend? We have a guide book but its always nice to have feedback.



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You will fine many here who have done this tour. I did it in the Fall of 2014.

I did the Vivaldi concert one evening at Sainte Chapelle. During the free time during the days I did the Rodin Museum, the d'Orsay, the Archeological Crypt in the plaza in front of Notre Dame, a second visit to the Louvre, wandered around the Marais after our walking tour there, went in Notre Dame, walked around that area including the park behind it and walked in the St Germain des Pres area. On the Versailles day another tour member and I stayed there the whole day getting back to Paris about 6.

This is such a fun tour! I feel so very comfortable in Paris now. I hope you love it as much as I did.

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Tara I have not done that RS tour ( have only done one , Family Europe in 14 days) and it was a blast.

As what to do on your free time.. well you have to look at what tour covers.. then figure out what is not on the tour that you would like to see.
Seems that would mean a bit of research on your part.. because what I would put in my free time might be something you would hate and vice versus.. personal tastes are what they are and there is nothing you should see if it doesn't interest you personally.. no matter how many "lists of best sights" its on. .

I will take a look at tour itinerary and see if I notice anything missing that I personally would recommend.. but as I said.. it may not interest you, but at least you could look it up.

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Tara just browsed the tour .. hmm... not a ton of free time.. think on day 6 you have the afternoon free,,, Orsay would be on my list.. as would the Invalids Military Museum.

Are you going to Paris a few days early or staying a few days after the tour.. I would if I was you, my shortest visit to Paris was 9 days and I took a friend who had never been.. and we still didn't have enough time for her to see all the stuff I thought she might enjoy.

On the day you go to Versailles I would take lots of time to enjoy the grounds and outer buildings.. the Grand and Petit Trianons.. and walk behind the Grand Trianon to the flower garden and enjoy amazing view up the canal to the palace.. its amazing how big estate is.. Also.. make time to visit Marie Antionettes Hamlet.. Its a long walk from one end of estate to another so take advantage of the tram ( there is a small fee. but worth it , and I like walking )..

Have fun.. your guide will no doubt give many great suggestions .. use that wonderful resource.. but really do take a good look at the Paris Guidebook by RS ,, I think they send it to you free don't they( they used to ).

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Here is a little known gem in Paris. The Pasteur Museum at the Pasteur Institute. This was extremely interesting. It involves not only an original lab and much of the original lab equipment, but a perfectly preserved apartment that gives a glimpse of Paris long ago. It has tour times in the afternoon and you need to have your passport with you. This intimate tour (about 10 of us) was individualized with lots of times for questions and the guide graciously going back and forth between French and English to accommodate all.

I've mentioned on another post that setting up an account with the bike share program (Velib) is easy and offers great opportunities for biking along the river or around town. There are bike stations every few blocks.

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When you have free time, the guide recommends places to see that are nearby the last place that you visited. We went five days early and stayed 2 extra days at the end. What do you like? We liked a second visit to the Impressionist museum, Picasso museum is renovated now, Rodin Museum and Les Invalides were are favorites. We actually went to the Louvre 4 times during the time we were there. Wanted to do the bike tour of Paris or the bike tour in Versailles, but couldn't work it in. Enoy, Enjoy, Enjoy. Take time to sit and have a coffee or wine at a café.