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Boat trip from Nice to Cinque Terre

We are taking a very last minute 4 day trip arriving and departing from Nice. We can go wherever we would like but definitely would like to go to Cinque Terre. Would love some recommendations for which cities to stop and visit. Any advice on where to go or any fun or off the beaten path things we should do would be greatly appreciated!

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Why not just stay in Nice?
A 4 day trip means 3 usable days.
Going to CT ( by boat? Is that even possible?) will use up 2 of your days. And you should be back in Nice night before departure flight.

Train would take about 6 hours with 2 changes

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Look at a map. Nice to CT doesn't work very well. There is a lot to see and do around Nice so stay put.

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A boat to CT from Nice? Were you planning on chartering a Yacht for that trip? Because there aren't any ferries. Otherwise it's a 6ish hour train ride in each direction. Probably not a good choice on such a short trip. Suggest you look for places closer to Nice. There are many.

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I need to clarify. We will be on a chartered yacht for 4 days (which does not include our travel time to and from Nice). The boat will visit whichever cities that we would like. Any recommendations between Nice and CT would be greatly appreciated. CT is one of my favorite places and I would like to share it with friends who are traveling with me.

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Stop in Noli, Liguria and visit Palazzo Vescovile up on the hill.