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Biking in Provence - St. Remy to Les Baux

We will be in provence late July and using St Remy as our home base. We would like to bike into Les Baux and are looking at several possible routes. Can anyone tell me if the D27 between St Remy and Les Baux is super busy with auto traffic. I can see there is a bike lane on that road, just wondering how much car traffic we would have to deal with.
I am also open to any other suggestions on great biking trips in the area from others experience.

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bill, we stayed at St Remy, June 2014, and drove around for a number of days using nearly every road in and out of the town. we drove to Les Baux. from memory none of the roads were super busy. some of the roads are narrow though and I dont remember seeing bike lanes? if you were use to cycleways in a city, then its not like that.

one thing we notice when driving in europe, in general, is how tolerate the drivers are to bike riders.
in general we found St Remy to be a relatively small town with only 'country' traffic. often you see the local farmers and others driving their quad bikes and tractors etc through the town.
I can't offer any biking tips, but the whole area is relatively flat with lots of small country roads/lanes and towns. with not a lot of traffic ( for memory) if you avoid the major roads like the A7 etc.

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I noticed some people biking on the way to Les Baux -it is a bit of an uphill on the way there - I couldn't do it, but then again, there was a senior citizen in Central Park jogging almost as fast as I was peddling on a straight-away! (In my defense, it was pretty hot and I don't bike very We were there early Oct so traffic wasn't bad, can't speak for July.

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Wonderful, thanks for the info. I always like to check beforehand, as its never fun dodging a stream cars and trucks when you are trying to ride and take in the scenery.
Au revoir !!

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We took a bus from Avignon to Les Baux (via St. Remy) last month & recall that the road is very narrow in some areas.
It's also a very hilly road to reach Les Baux & we didn't see any bicyclists (or bicycle lanes), however, we did see lots of motorcyclists & cars.

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If I were you I would make sure to not only consider the narrow, hilly roads, I would also consider the potential for heat. Provence can be quite hot in the summer, especially during the end of July going into August, and riding bikes might not be as comfortable or enjoyable as you think it will be. Just a thought based on quite a few trips I've made to the area during the summer months.