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Best way to travel from Brussels to Strasbourg and Strasbourg to Stuttgart

Hi all,

I am planning to take the train from Brussels to Strasbourg. I have been to Paris so I will not be spending any nights at Paris for this part of the trip as I have limited dates. My aim is to experience the Christmas atmosphere/market at Strasbourg that has been much raved about.

I am trying to find the best (most convenient/time-saving and economical) way to travel:
a) Brussels to Strasbourg
b) Strasbourg to Stuttgart

Any advice for the best train routes and platforms/websites to book the tickets? Thanks!


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a) High speed train via Paris, buy tickets from SNCF. The train from Brussels will arrive at Gare du Nord and the train to Strasbourg will leave from Gare de l'Est. The two stations are within walking distance of each other but you might be able to find a connection with a change at Charles de Gaulle or Marne-la-Vallée – Chessy instead.

b) Direct TGV, buy tickets from SNCF or DB.

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Wendy, as Badger said, you can use SNCF for the Brussels to Strasbourg journey, but for the 2nd half to Stuttgart, you might want to check both SNCF and DB as sometimes there can be a price difference between countries.

The best link to use for DB is - this will be in English, which makes it easier. Just plus in your departure and destination cities and the date. Keep in mind that the earlier you book, the lower the price will be.

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Hi thanks!

I found two options for Brussels to Strasbourg:

  1. Direct TGV Brussels Midi to Strasbourg - 3 hr 40 mins but it costs 113 euros.

  2. Part a: Thalys train from Brussels Midi to Paris Nord (29 euros) AND Part b: Paris Est to Strasbourg (63 euros). The total is 92 euros. Cheaper than option 1 but it has 1 connection and I have to drag my luggage from Paris Nord station to Paris Est station (500 m walk)

Which option do you think is better? Should I pay more for the direct TGV train? Is the TGV train comfortable for each a long ride? It is really expensive but I guess no more better option?

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That is entirely up to you if you want to pay a bit extra for a direct journey.

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The walk from Paris Nord to Paris Est is downhill and quick, 10 minutes with luggage. If these 21€ have an impact on your trip, then choose the cheaper option, it will be fine!

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I just saw a video where someone made that connection, you can practically do it walking on your hands. If you're into that sort of thing.

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Hi thanks all!

Just to check that 40 mins is enough to transit from Paris Nord Thalys platform to Paris Est station for the TGV train to Strasbourg?

I assume that Thalys trains are punctual and will arrive at Paris Nord on time!

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Just to check that 40 mins is enough to transit from Paris Nord Thalys
platform to Paris Est station for the TGV train to Strasbourg?

Yes that is plenty of time. The 10 minutes mentioned above are not an optimistic estimate, but if you are new to Paris you might need 15 minutes, depending on how fast you walk. Anyway, 40 min is more than enough.

As always, The Man in Seat 61 is a good source of information: