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Best Transportation from Paris to Provence


What is the best way to get from CDG to Avignon or Arles?
I am planning a trip from our home in North Florida to France in Spring of 2023. We plan to visit Provence and Paris. The easiest flight to France for us is usually ATL-CDG.
My tentative plan is to start the trip in Provence and end in Paris so we have less traveling on departure.
When we fly in to CDG, what will be the best way to get to Provence the same day? Take the TGV from CDG to Avignon? Or are there flights to Avignon or the Provence area that may be cheaper and/or quicker?

Alternatively, would it be easier to fly in somewhere like Milan or Barcelona, and then get to Provence? Just looking for the shortest and easiest option since it will be a long time traveling!

Merci Beaucoup!

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Your initial thought is IMO the correct one: TGV from CDG (or Paris Gare de Lyon) to Avignon. Allow three hours between the flight’s ETA and the departure time if taking the train from CDG, four hours if taking the train from Paris.

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If the flights aren't booked, you could also look for "multi-city" options and see if you could fly into Marseille (connection in Paris) and out of Paris.
From there:
- Aix en Provence is a short bus ride away
- Arles is 35-45 minutes away by train (the station is reached by shuttle bus from the airport), or you could arrange a transfer for around $150 (not cheap but I would consider it).
- Avignon is a bit further, but still reached by direct train in 60-90 minutes. Probably $200+ for a transfer/cab, which is a bit steep.
- those trains do not require advance reservation

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We just did this. If flying into Paris , the best way is definitely by train. The trip from Paris to Avignon is quite easy. As mentioned, allow yourself time from landing to train departure. If you haven't booked your flight, then do consider flying in to Marseille then train to Avignon or Arles from there since you will already be at the airport. Just check the times. Sometimes the wait time for the next flight is longer than the train trip itself if you can get an earlier train. Either way, you will love Provence and Paris!

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Abby, we live in Tallahassee and are working on a trip to France next spring also. Do we know you? Tallahassee is so small town. Tricia and Millie.

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I think changing planes to fly to Marseille and then changing to the train to backtrack up the Rhone Valley is adding unnecessary steps and time, especially taking a local train that stops everywhere.

It's easy enough to catch the train at the airport or take a taxi directly to the Gare de Lyon to get your train. If your question were about Nice, I'd say fly, but Avignon has a good rail connection to CDG and Paris.
And the train has a lower carbon footprint.

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We just did this two weeks ago! Taking the train TGV from Gare de Lyon to Avignon was 3 hours and very
efficient. You will need a ride from CDG to the Gare de Lyon station ( very crowded ). Rental cars are available
at the Avignon station and are a good way to explore Provence. We had a car for 10 days!