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Best traffic/navigation App for the Alps and Provence

Wondering if anyone has any experiences using their smartphone to navigate the Alps and Provence? We'll be staying part of our trip with family near Annecy then venturing into Provence with a rental car. I routinely use Waze at home. I've heard Here We Go mentioned here in the Travel Forum before, too. Does anyone have a firm opinion if one of these apps or another is most accurate with directions an/or traffic? Using data is not problematic for me. Thanks in advance.

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This doesn't really answer your question, but in Ireland we're using Google Map on our Android phone and it's working really well for us. Maybe it will work well in the Alps? FYI.

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Waze is very popular in France and works well. Requires data on your phone.

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Google maps worked well in Spain, Switzerland and Italy (over the last 2 years).
We are going to Provence this Wednesday and are planning on Google maps.
BUT I love physical maps and purchased a large scale map, cut away the area we aren't going to, and will have it with. I like the physical map for writing notes and planning.

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Google Maps. Download your area for later offline use, so you won't need data. Look for the "Offline Maps" function on your Google Map app.

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I use Waze during the drive along with google maps in the background. Although owned both owned by the same people, sometimes waze has an odd end to end routing that I like to check. Also easier to use google maps to look up destination, copy address, paste into waze.

There are a lot of waze users in France.

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I believe that the best one is the one you are familiar with, whatever that may be.