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Best time for timed-entry Versailles early July?

Hi, all--I've read through many threads on strategies for Versailles, but would still appreciate some advice. We plan to visit on July 2 (Thursday, non-fountain day) and have no other plans for the day. With our 13-year-old, I think it's unlikely that we'll want to do the full day with the Trianon/Domaine, so likely just touring the chateau and the gardens. I'm not sure I want to count on us getting out the door and on the RER in time to be there when it opens at 9:00, so was thinking about heading to Versailles midday, eating lunch and choosing timed-entry tickets for around 2 p.m. Both the chateau and the Trianon are open until 6:30, so if we're feeling energetic, we could still go there--and the gardens are open an additional 2 hours...though this is the day before we return to the US, so would want to head back reasonably early.

Thoughts/advice about this plan?

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I might go for timed entry before lunch then stroll out to the gardens and find lunch. Versailles is a place where your feet/legs get a work out so it'll give you a chance to rest. There are several dining options at Versailles from fancy sit down to takeout sandwichs. One of the later is right In the gardens in front of the chateau and another down near the basin. After that you could tour the gardens more or do something fun like rent bikes, segway tour, etc. The gardens if the fountains aren't on are not that exciting. The Trianon complex is interesting but a heck of a hike from the chateau.

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Thanks, cj-traveler--good point about lunch options in the garden.