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Best public transport from FRA to Colmar?

Hi all you Travel Wizards!

We plan to fly into Frankfurt and take public transport to Colmar on 12/1/22. If you could offer some guidance, that would be helpful!

  • Is this transportation something we should pre-book? My concern about this is if our flight is delayed or cancelled and we missed what we have booked.
  • It appears there are multiple train lines and websites from which to choose - do you have an opinion as to the best means of travel between these 2 locations?
  • There seem to be multiple Colmar stations from which to choose. How do we know which to use?
  • I've read that some of the passenger trains in Europe are being taken over for use to transport coal to bring energy to Europe. Will this cause it to be harder to actually get on a passenger train? Are we better off planning to travel by bus?

Thanks for all your help!

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When I was considering a trip to Colmar from Frankfurt airport, I used Google maps. I just did a sample one and you can take an ICE train ride from the airport to Mannheim, transfer to an ICE to Strasbourg and then take a TER train to Colmar. Quite simple and easy. 🙂

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Thanks for your comments! I'm trying to find the Lufthansa bus, but it keeps moving me to the flight bookings. We are flying in on American...

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I would suggest taking the ICE train Frankfurt to Offenburg, then the S-Bahn to Strasbourg, where you change for Colmar. Still you need to transfer twice.

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The Deutsche Bahn site
This site offers location to location transportation and will also give you timetables. Since you’re starting in Frankfurt, I’m assuming you will travel from the airport and not go to the main station.

There are ICE trains, along with TER regionals, that go through Mannheim and Basel, ending your trip at Colmar main station - takes anywhere from 3.5 to 4 hours. It’s a great site for getting to and from areas all over Europe.

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You can do this with a single connection at Basel, rather than 2 changes ( usually Mannheim and Strasbourg), but it takes a bit longer. Still, it might be my choice for a more relaxing journey after a long flight. We tried the 2-change journey ( to Freiburg, not Colmar, but still through Mannheim) when we flew into Frankfurt last August, and each of the 3 trains was late, and so crowded we had trouble getting to our reserved seats.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, Lola and Sandra!

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We took the FLIX bus once from Strasbourg to Frankfort Airport. It was quite easy, and direct. From there you can grab the train to Colmar. If you choose the bus, be sure and make a seat reservation. It's worth the extra few dollars.