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Best of Paris Itinerary drilldown

Can anyone help me with more a more specific itinerary timetable for the Best Of Paris tour? I have a paid for cooking class that I'm trying to work into the tour, but need more details on times we will meet and free time. I have seen the Best of Paris itinerary but need to have a better feel for what times I will be actually be with the group.

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I have taken the Best of Paris tour but it was several years ago. On this question, I'd actually call the office and ask for specifics about your tour date. Some may vary depending on ticket times, etc.

I have to tell you that this tour was one of the best tours for getting me oriented and familiar with a location. Unfortunately, it also made me fall in love with Paris and I can hardly stay away. I'd start planning for a return trip in 2023, lol!!

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I agree with Pam’s advice.

Most of our activities were in the morning (other than the first day) with lots of free time in the afternoon & evening. Some evenings were group meals together. So if given a choice on the time-of-day, I would try to select an afternoon cooking class. That way if the schedule needs to be modified during the tour, you’re less likely to miss something with the group.

I had been to Paris a couple of times before this tour, so there was one activity I skipped. You always have that option, also.