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Best location for solo traveller in October

I have booked a hostel near the Abbessess metro for my stay in Paris. Talking to others I am starting to question my location. Would it be better to stay near the Republique metro, this seems a little more central. My other option is near commerce station, the hostel here has the best reviews. i am looking for a location where I can return at night using the metro and not have to take a cab.


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the most "central" of all of those locations is République. You could take a metro late at night to any of them, it's just that Abbesses is a little more off on its own with only one metro line serving it, while Republique is a hub that has 5 lines serving it. Commerce is a bit more out of the way, and again only one metro line serving it. (although not too far from LaMotte Picquet-Grenelle, which gives you two more options).

Of course Commerce would be a stroll from the Eiffel Tower rather than across town, so if you feel you would love to be in its neighborhood, then that could be a good choice!

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Eiffel tower area ( 7th) is a bit boring at are very residential, so can be rather deserted feeling. When I visit solo I prefer to walk home at night on areas where there is a bit going on, lit cafes etc.

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Yes, Republique for its proximity to the Marais as well as the aforementioned 5 metro lines giving you lots of transport choices.

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In my experience it's the number of walking minutes from your hotel front door to any metro station that's important, in case of bad weather. Once you get on the Metro, it's so fast that your hotel location is not that important as long as you're not way out.
Location of lodging with respect to Metro station--that's the key.