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Best cheap flights from Dublin to CDG?

Will be having to book a round-trip from Dublin to CDG on the 28th of Sep, returning either the evening of the 7th or early morning of the 8th. Catching our return home from DUB on the 8th at 10:00, so want to be at DUB no later than 7:00am by flight if possible, and not seeinga any early morning flights that match that, so looking for late night on the 7th and grab a hotel by the airport.

So far, all I'm seeing is Aer Lingus or Air France as direct flights from DUB to CDG (not interested in BVA) but know that there are usually smaller carriers that don't make the big travel search engine sites. Trying to beat 195.00 plus usual usurious baggage charges per person, as all I want is something to take us there and back, and don't feel like spending extra cash that I could spend on vin ordinaire whilest in Paris.

Any suggestions?

Glenn in Tucson

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Aer Lingus and Air France are going to be your non-stop choices. BA and Lufthansa will have connections somewhere.

Disregarding the money, nobody's going to get you back to Dublin early enough or even close - - remember there's a time change working against you and you'll have to move your luggage around and go through the check-in business.

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Righto. Kinda what I figured from the searches. Do the single bag thing so I don't have to wait for the carousel, but not taking chances on missing my transatlantic flight back!


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Ryanair has a one-way flight from Dublin to Paris on Sept. 28 for 52 Euros. It doesn't go to the CDG airport, though, it goes to Paris Beauvais, which is only a little further out of Paris than CDG. I took this four years ago. It is a tiny airport, and you get from there to the heart of Paris on a shuttle bus. It was very easy. I got off the plane, picked up my luggage at the tiny carousel, hopped on the designated shuttle bus and then transferred to the Metro when we got into Paris. The shuttle bus only makes one stop, and it is at a major Metro station in northern Paris.

The downside to Ryanair is always the luggage, though. You can only have 10 kg (22 lbs) of carry-on, and you pay 15 Euros for one checked bag, which can only be 15 kg. If it is heavier than that, you pay more. The joke is how many layers of clothing can you put on and what can you wrap around your head and claim as a turban.

However, if you haven't already purchased your return tickets in and out of Dublin, I would highly recommend flying open jaw -- arrive in Dublin and tour around there, and then when you are ready to go to Paris fly to Beauvais, and then fly home from CDG. That is exactly what I did, and it saved a lot of time and money.