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Besides Nice??? is there other areas that are nice to stay?

I am looking and i am seeing that i might have waited to long... most of the reasonable places in Nice are taken for 3 travelers wanting to stay in one room... ideally i would like a indoor pool or hot tub since the weather will not be really warm March 31st - April 3rd... Please share the other nice areas down in the Rivera area???
Would love hotel/ARBNB tips as well. It is for 1 adult and 2 pre-teen girls.
We will have a car so getting around is not an issue.

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I always start with booking .com
You can set filters for just about everything

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Nice and a car is not ideal. parking is difficult or quite costly.
The train hugs the mediteranean towns so really that is a great way to see Nice, Monaco et . Ck out Novotel or Sofitel hotels since u wish conveniences of pool , hot tubs. They would have ample parking. Your car would be handy for seeing the towns along the corniches. Eze etc.

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I agree with looking on, also with not having a car in Nice. That would be like visiting London or NYC by rental car, or pretty close. I recommend Villefranche Sur Mer, a very pleasant town right near Nice. My wife and I visited this area on our 2003 France trip, stayed in Nice but I wish we had stayed in Villefranche. Also, just from memory, not looking at the guidebook--I think Rick recommends Antibes.

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I strongly suggest you reconsider a car in Nice.

I remember how shocked I was when I saw the condition of so many cars in Nice on my first trip of the modern era. There are more locals cars than there is space so many people park "by braille (hope not to cause offense)" and driving is less than completely well lane controlled.

I wouldn't take a rental car there because I would worry about going back to the car return with damage.

I wouldn't take my personal car even more.

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Indoor pools are a bit rare in Nice, I think the Goldstar might have one, and the Hyatt Palais de la Mediteranee and Westminster as well. But consider dropping the requirement and looking at furnished rentals. Try Tripadvisor Rentals/Flipkey in addition to Homeaway -- or directly via a specialist agency -- some of the professionally managed properties don't put their portfolios on AirBnB.

Parking and driving can be a challenge, although late March should be fine for traffic. It's better in Nice to park once and only use the car for heading into the hills and countryside, or just rent for a day or two.

Other towns to consider might include Antibes, Villefranche, or St. Paul de Vence. You can also consider nice neighborhoods outside of the center like Mt. Boron or Cimiez that may have parking in the rental.

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When we were in Nice, we used the public bus transportation to get to other cities. 1 Euro each way is cheaper and safer than driving. Roads are narrow and winding to say the least. Also, once you get to Eze, Monaco, etc., there is no parking their either. The train also hugs the coast, as another poster said, and has great views. Be careful around the train stations. Pickpockets abound. I speak from the heart here. That is why I recommend the bus. There is an Ibis Budget across from the ocean. Hôtel ibis budget Nice Californie Lenval. It is 59 dollars per night and is a 5 minute or less walk to the ocean. It was listed on but you can also search the Accor web site and maybe hit a deal.

Ibis Budgets usually have bunk beds. Large on bottom and single on top.

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thank you everyone. we are driving down from Paris and doing some stops along the way. I will also check into Villefranche Sur Mer,
as a possibility. I was looking for the indoor pool since it will still be chilly when we are there and hoping the girls will burn energy.

We are hoping to do some day trips around and not sure what all the girls will have the attention span for. This is why i was hoping to just keep the car so we have a bit more flexibility.

You all have been very helpful.

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Train transportation is excellent along the Riviera coast (just watch out for pickpockets) and probably faster than using a car by the time you deal with parking it. There's also a substantial risk of traffic back-ups on the coastal road. On the other hand, though there is bus service up to the hill towns (like Eze and St.-Paul-de-Vence), a car might be helpful by making trips to places like that more efficient, especially if you're trying to visit more than one per day. If you're going to have a car anyway, probably paying substantially to park it in your base city, I'd definitely look for opportunities to make it useful.

There are walks you can take partially or completely around some of the coastal peninsulas close to Nice: Cap Ferrat, Cap d'Antibes, Cap Martin. In the more built-up areas the path will be paved, but you may eventually come to areas where the footing is uneven. I wouldn't want to attempt any of those walks in less than lace-up shoes, but my balance isn't great and I'm prone to sprained ankles.

The tourist office in Nice--there's one on the plaza in front of the Nice Ville train station--has a lot of tourist literature on surrounding towns and attractions. A lot of the Nice material is out on display, but you'll need to ask a staffer if you want information on other towns. I was given maps of Cap Ferrat, etc.