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Bday Dinner with a View in Paris | Moms 70th

Hi everyone,

I will be spending 10 days in France and our last night will be in Paris during my moms actual Bday on September 21 . She will turn 70 and I would love to take her out to dinner with a nice view of Paris without breaking the bank. I have done a few research and the reviews are not good - bad service, very expensive food and not worth it! This is her first time in Paris and I want to be special and memorable. THANK YOU for everyones help!! Renata

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hey hey renata
how exciting, your trip is advancing soon like ours. we fly out OAK september 14 and train to geneva on september 16. i will wave to you when the train departs :)
one night we crossed over from the eiffel tower area to trocadero. we sat outside at restaurant le coq with a view of the tower and it's blinking lights. we ordered wine and champagne, appetizers, a pizza, a charcuterie tray to share amongst us 4. we had a great and fun time. people walking around, sitting and enjoying themselves and the views. was easy to find a cab and take us back to our apartment near invalides. maybe not a view, we are going to la cuisine de philippe, well known for savory and sweet souffles.
you have done your research and planned well ahead of time, it sure helps. no stress, no gray hairs and the excitement of being in magical PARIS. just go with the flow, if you don't see all it's okay, don't forget to sit at a cafe, people watch, have a glass of vino with uuuuing and ahhhing. enjoy

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Les Ombres is a good suggestion.

Service is really not an issue in most restaurants, as long as you understand what service is. It is not overly attentive, no one will approach you and state ¨Hello, my name is Ken and I am your waiter¨, and you will need to ask for the check, specifically. The check will not come until you ask for it. Used plates are not removed from the table before everyone is finished, and then all plates are all removed simultaneously.

However, no one can offer meaningful suggestions unless you define breaking the bank, in euros per person, excluding drinks.

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We don't eat out that much in Paris, we usually cook, but over the years I have only had one nice restaurant that had bad service i.e. unpleasant service. We have eaten at L' Tour d'Argent which was wonderful and great view at lunch -- I think with the Notre Dame disaster, the Cathedral may not be lit at night and so the view would be less wonderful now at night. Les Ombres is cheaper and has a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower -- we had a table by the window overlooking the Seine as well -- book well in advance. You can check out the menus on line.

As noted by others service in Paris in nice places tends to be impeccable but not intrusive and you won't get a bill until you request it.

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Le Train Bleu has been a landmark for many years. It is inside the Gare de Lyon but the sumptuous 19-century decor provides all the "view" a special occasion needs. Food is competent and service accomplished although the large hall can never be exactly intimate. Fixed menu can feed you for about 70 euros.

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I had my 40th bday dinner at Altitude 95 (the restaurant on the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower). This was many (ahem!) years ago – I had to book the reservation via fax! I had mentioned that it was for a special birthday when making the reservation, but did not mention this once we were there. At then end of dinner they brought out a lovely bit of cake with a candle. It was an interesting atmosphere and we had (requested) a window table. Great memory. I do know that it has undergone renovation since then, so I really don’t know what it is like now. It was not expensive in the way Jules Verne (the other restaurant in the ET) is. Perhaps somebody else has more up-to-date info.

There is also the option of a dinner cruise. I had read recently about one that actually has decent food (most of them don’t). For a special occasion, I don’t think it is a bank-breaker at 67 Euro each (not including drinks). It has great reviews. I did a dinner cruise (not this one) with my mother many years ago and she just loved it.

I have also had a special dinner at Le Train Bleu. Personally I didn't love the food and felt it was rather pricey, the service was without personality (obviously could have been just our waiter, but very formal), but the atmosphere was amazing.

Have a wonderful time!

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I am impressed to learn proper wait staff still exists. For that reason, I will try to go to Les Ombres on our trip this September. Do you recommend a reservation in advance?


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Definitely reserve ahead of time if you want a table in September (the busiest time of year in Paris) at Les Ombres.

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We could not get a dinner reservation for Les Ombres in a 10 days window when we were in Paris and had to settle on lunch a few days hence. Definitely reserve well in advance. We reserve la Tour d'Argent 60 days out.

Train Bleu has a beautiful room; Bofinger has a beautiful room. Our go to for a magnificent 7 course menu is L'Initial but not view -- just ordinary room, white table cloths and good food. 54 E for the menu. We usually get a glass of Champagne for 12 (at L'Tour d'Argent that glass is more like 25E)

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We did a special Occasion dinner at Montparnassee Tower with views of the Eiffel Tower and the City.The service and food was first class,we definitely enjoyed it.