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Bastille Day in Paris

Hello all,
We will be in Paris July 12-17 and just realized that Bastille Day is 14 July! How will this effect things in Paris:
Is it more crowded and more traffic?
Are many things closed, i.e. museums and restaurants?
Is it comparable to 4 July in US?
I am not a big fan of military parades, but I like fireworks :)

Any advice and experience would be welcome. Please and thank you!

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Hi Momorichel,

Champs-Elysées will be closed on 13th ( in the afternoon for sure, maybe open in the morning) and 14th until 2 or 3 pm ( the day of the Parade). Consequently, metro stations around Champs-Elysées will be closed too ( mainly on the line 1 and 9).

Most museums, restaurants and activities will be open.

And if you like fireworks, it's the 14th in the evening, in front of Eiffel Tower (very, very crowded).

Other useful informations regarding 14th of July celebrations are here :

Hope it helps,

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Merci beaucoup, V! I appreciate your reply and will take this into account when planning. Will definitely avoid the Champs-Elysee on the 14.

ps apologies for my lack of accent marks - don't know where they are on my Mac :(...

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Actually, the parade is always in the morning and will be this year, as well.

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