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Is there any yellow validation machine in basel train station coz i need to validate the ticket upon entering France country.
I am starting my journey at basel stn to strasbourg and change platform going to paris. I am wondering how long will i need to take from the platform that the train from basel will be arriving to the platform going to paris? i worries i might miss the train because there's 11minutes interval from the arrival and departure of the train going to paris as I booked an advance ticket. Thank you.

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I'm sure there are. You will be leaving from Track 31, which is a stub track and only serves French TER trains, so there should be validating machines there.
As far as an 11 minute connection in Strasbourg, should be able to make it. If it they allow it to be sold, it is a legal connection and you will be protected on the next train to Paris. The French are not as good as the Swiss and Germans telling you exactly what track trains arrive and depart on.
If you are very nervous, you could take the TER train that leaves earlier. I believe there is one 30 minutes before. Your TER ticket should be valid on that train if you stamp it before boarding.