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Avignon to Château de Chenonceau to Mont. St. Michel??


We want to visit MSM and maybe add Château de Chenonceau as our middle stop after leaving Avignon.

Are there train leaving Avignon to Château de Chenonceau/Lorie Valley?
What is the best way to go to Château de Chenonceau if we want to add it as our middle stop (thinking maybe stay there for one night before heading to MSM?)

Or should we skip Château de Chenonceau and just go to MSM from Avignon?


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The difficulties that you will run into are two;-

First, you are going diagonally across a country the size of Texas, and even with fast trains for part of the way that will take some time.

Second, the trains in Trance as very much Paris-centric, and everything - pretty much - starts or finishes there, like the (very widely spread out) spokes on a bicycle wheel.

When you add both of those together that makes for a somewhat difficult trip.

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Thanks Nigel ....

Which place would you recommend to drop?
Or should we make another trip to visit Chenonceau after returning from MSM?


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I absolutely love Chenonceau (and the beautiful grounds) so I am biased in favor of going.. and whatever way works best. Can you rent a car and drive? As Nigel alluded to, you'd have to take a train from Avignon to Paris, change train stations, then a train to Tours, then you'll need a car to get to Chenonceau or a taxi. It's really helpful to have a car in the Loire Valley.

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Since a train connection in Paris also requires connecting stations by Metro or taxi, I would choose a schedule that connects in other towns, such as these two examples from the DB schedule site for Avignon-Tours:

Avignon Centre Mo, 21.04.14 dep 08:58 N 79325
Avignon TGV Mo, 21.04.14 arr 09:04

Avignon TGV Mo, 21.04.14 dep 09:16 TGV 5350 Subject to compulsory reservation
Le Mans Mo, 21.04.14 arr 13:28

Le Mans Mo, 21.04.14 dep 14:38 13023 Schnellzug
Tours Mo, 21.04.14 arr 15:45


Avignon Centre Mo, 21.04.14 dep 12:58 N 79353
Avignon TGV Mo, 21.04.14 arr 13:04

Avignon TGV Mo, 21.04.14 dep 13:20 TGV 5368 Subject to compulsory reservation
St-Pierre-des-Corps Mo, 21.04.14 arr 17:29

St-Pierre-des-Corps Mo, 21.04.14 dep 17:52 RE 16825 Regional-Express
Tours Mo, 21.04.14 arr 17:57