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Aix en Provence Taxi $$$?

I am getting into the details of my transfers and am quite surprised to find a 30-40 euro charge for a 14 min ride from TVG to Aguabella Spa in Aix en Provence. I am aware of the bus, but since there where 3 of us, I thought..... I do not take taxis often, but this seems very steep.

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Hi Ellen,
Two thoughts on the transfer...what time of day are you arriving? It’s about 3:30 pm in Aix when I used google maps to estimate drive time and the estimate was 24 minutes. Aix has quite a bit of traffic during the day, and the route to your hotel goes through the center of town. Where did the €30-40 estimate come from?

My second thought was if the hotel is arranging your transfer, they may be adding an additional charge for the service.

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Arriving late morning on Monday. I searched on web for estimate and this was a taxi company, said no extra fees for reservations.
Thanks for your reply, rethinking location of hotel. Bus into center seems to make sense.

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Ellen, we used the bus last year to get from our hotel to the TGV station, and it worked out quite well for us.

Do be aware, however, that buses do not go into the "old town" center. Our hotel was just north of the center about a block and a half; the bus stop was just outside our hotel.

By the way, we loved Aix. Great museums.

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I took a taxi in Aix-en-Provence too and I paid the same price.

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I took a taxi last October from the TGV into Aix to the Adagio hotel. It was right at 20E. There is a line of taxis meeting the train so I just walked out and hopped in the next one in line.

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Taxis are quite expensive in France, and even more so outside Paris. I recently paid more than 20 euros for the ten minute ride from Marseille airport to Aix TGV, so 30 euros from Aix TGV to Aix proper is not out of line.
This said, just use a metered taxi, they are plentiful.

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There is Uber, yes, but the fares aren't fixed, you just get an estimated range, and it's hardly cheaper: Aix TGV to Aix downtown is estimated at 26-35 euros, I just checked. Also, in my Marseille experience, Uber isn't particularly reliable there, or at least it still wasn't by the end of 2018. Perhaps Aix is better.