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AutoEurope Car Rental Reviews?

Has anyone used AutoEurope in France? We have previously used Hertz, but are thinking of using AutoEurope, picking up a car in Vernon and returning in Tours. If anyone has experience with this company, opinions and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Autoeurope is only a broker so you can negotiate a Hertz rental through Autoeurope and hopefully pay less. However, Hertz reliably charges a one way fee for pickup and dropoffs at different locations in France. You might save one way fees by using Sixt or Europcar.

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People here use AutoEurope all the time. One thing I like, besides possible discounts, is that their voucher makes it pretty clear and legible what is and is not covered in the rate.

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I have used AutoEurope a number of times for car rentals in South of France. I have also used them throughout Europe. Since they are a consolidator, my recent rental in Italy was through Hertz. Even though I am President's Circle with Hertz, I could not get a lower rate than AutoEurope.

Not only is the rate good, but a few years ago, we had a parking accident that created a big dent in the car. Other than the deductible, it was the only costs and little paperwork through AutoEurope. I contrast with my last issue when someone hit my rental car directly through Hertz the amount of headaches I had in claim forms.

They are my go to company when I drive in Europe.


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I’ve used AutoEurope 12-15 times in various European countries including France. I never had a problem getting the car for which I asked at the quoted price. I highly recommend them. Their customer service is top notch. Helped find lowest price on multi-country rental and you can call them from Europe on wifi if you have a problem.

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We always use AutoEurope for our European rentals
As said above they are a US based consolidator with excellent service and usually the best rates
In France our rental was with Europcar-no drop off fees

Be sure you understand all the ins and outs of car rental in Europe
All drivers must have an IDP which you can get at your local AAA

AutoEurope has a toll free number they are extremely helpful and know their stuff
Give them a call

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I've used them several times, including in France, and always had good experiences.

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Thank you all for your feedback! We have always rented directly from Hertz or Avis. Did not realize AutoEurope was a consolidator. Their prices are the best and it's good to know about their reliability, etc. Thanks again. This is a big road trip we're planning so, undoubtedly, I'll be asking more questions!

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Avis and Hertz aren't as big in Europe as they are in the States. Over there, Europcar and Sixt and two good companies that most people over here don't know about. I have always used Europcar - offices everywhere, always the cheapest I could find, no one way drop off fees within the same country, and never a complaint about cars or service.

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We rented through AutoEurope in Paris in November. We selected a car from EuropeCar. The experience was good. We arrived late (past 10 pm) at Orly airport and the main desk was closed. There was a sign directing us to the parking garage office. There were several other people picking up cars at the time, and there were two agents working. It took about 20 minutes total.

We returned the car to Orly and were given good instructions on where to return to. They checked us in quickly, walked around the car (we had zero deductible anyway), and off we went. Five minutes or less.

In 2018 we rented from EuropeCar picking up in Frankfurt and dropping off in Munich. We had a brand new station wagon/estate car for 3 weeks. Pick up took longer, but it was in the morning and many more customers were picking up at the time. Drop off was just as easy.

We never had any problems with either of the cars.

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2 things I've learned about Autoeurope through experience. First is that their prices are not always better than what you can get directly, so I always compare. And you need to read their fine print. Sometimes there are extras that are not included in their price that you will have to pay. I saw that when I rented in Chamonix. There was a fairly steep fee for a high-altitude location. When I factored that in, along with the insurance I opted for, Europcar's quote was cheaper. Second, you have to pay in advance for a booking through Autoeurope, but it can be cancelled - note the conditions carefully. I have done that more than once, and the refund was always prompt and correct. I continue to use them.