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August trip to Paris/France

has anyone visited Paris/Frnce in August and can you share your experiences with me. I want to spend a week in Paris then take a train to La Rochelle and rent a car to visit Lourdes, Carcassone, The Dodogne, up to Bordeaux and Tours drop the car and travel by train into Paris. This will be my first trip to France and while I like the prices for rooms in August I don't want to save money but have a trip that isn''t enjoyable. My first choice was October but then changed to September.....any suggestions are welcome.
thank-you, Carol

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Just to be clear, are you going in August? Your last sentences says you changed to September. Anyhow, August/September can be crowded. August is when the Europeans are on vacations and depending on COVID, many may to staycations or be a travel destination for those not wanting to travel far from home. I have been in Paris in August when it was actually cool (late August) or it can be incredibly hot. September and October are better weather wise, but if you go in August make sure you book a room with air conditioning. Not all hotels have it, and if its a hot summer, you will be miserable without it. Check out It is a very nice hotel that is close to the Eiffel Tower, River Seine, shopping in the 8th, Rue Cler, Invalides, etc. It is also on the bus Rt. 69 which will get you lots of places. Regardless, France is a wonderful place to visit.

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The money saved on Paris hotel rooms in August will be spent on high-season hotel rooms in the other places you plan to visit. So, from a budget standpoint, I would not expect any difference between August and September.
And September is quieter overall (outside Paris) so would be my preference.

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I would avoid France in August if you can. Other than Paris, everywhere (including the roads) will be far busier and more expensive than in September. Car hire prices drop in September too.

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I would avoid French beach areas in August due to intense crowding and a notable lack of available accommodations, unless you book months/years in advance, but I look forward to being in Paris during August. Almost everything is open, and the crowds everywhere (except for the line at the Eiffel Tower elevators) are much more manageable. Being in Paris during August gives one a glimpse of what Paris probably was in the 50s, less traffic, shorter lines, and easier access.

The only other concern you might have is your exact travel dates as trains, airports, and roads are at travel peaks near the end of July, early August and again at the end of August as the annual French summer vacation migration is underway. Other than that, I wouldn't change anything.

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In 2016 I was in Paris and Normandy and had good weather. I don’t remember the crowd being a problem either.