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Asked this in Italy, but relevant here as well

Someone had posted a question about the boosters timing out while they are in Italy, and what to do. We asked the question below in that forum but no answer as of yet. Are we to understand Italy requires your booster to be within six months? We understand France only requires the booster, and the six-month rule does not apply (at least according to our Consulate.) So the question is, if you are in France and get the Pass Sanitaire or whatever they call it now, and the QR code is good for all of the EU based on France's requirements, if you go to Italy, how will the pass work if your booster is more than six months old? How will the App know in another country? Our trip is planned for April, and our last booster will have been almost 8 months old as of our travel date. The French Consulate here said that wasn't a problem for entry to France and getting around. We specifically asked the question to them based on getting into restaurants, museums, etc. We may really mess this up trying to ask the question or get my thoughts across, but if you leave France to go to Italy, how does the pass know? If you go to a restaurant in Italy and were fine in France, what happens? Hope this makes sense. Just trying to wrap my fuzzy thoughts around this. We completely understand this could all change with the wind by April, and there is no crystal ball, but if these rules stay in place, then what? Our trip is going to originate and end in France and was planning a few days in Italy and or Switzerland. Hoping Kim, Bets and others can clear this up for us. Thanks!

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Well, the QR code information shows the date of your most recent vaccine — so presumably the data from your QR code could look at the date and see that it was outside the scope of what they are accepting.

Note that I said presumably.

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Thanks Kim, we kind of figured that might be the case. At this time, we will most likely just stick to France, and if by change Italy changes things, we can look at it all again. But when purchasing those "good deals" on air fare, open jar will most likely be out of the question, and we will look at in and out of Paris, or out of London, Nice, or somewhere in between. At least we know for NOW we are ok in France.

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Are we to understand Italy requires your booster to be within six months?

I have no idea what Italy requires, but in France the 6 months between shot no. 2 and no. 3 (the booster) is only a grace period (and this has been extensively covered in other posts). It is not a period within which, the booster must be received (unless of course you live in France and want to keep a continuously valid pass sanitaire/vaccinal).

For a current valid pass sanitaire/vaccinal, you must be fully vaccinated. If you have only received shot no. 2 within 2 or 3 months, you will fall within the grace period and your TousAntiCovid app will display valid until the 4th month after your 2nd shot, at which time, without the booster, your pass automatically expires.

If you have a valid French pass sanitaire/vaccinal, it should remain valid anywhere in the EU.